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Georgina Naturals Cottage Duo: Review & Photos!

September 11, 2013

My my, it has been a long time since I have reviewed products from an Etsy shop but the time has come. For my recent cottage trip (which I'm itching - no pun intended - to do again), I wanted to be prepared for the many bugs and bites cottage life has to offer. I searched the internet for DEET free all natural bug spray and I'll tell ya, there is a lot out there. Not very many from Ontario though (from my research anyway)! All in all, I came to the conclusion, if I'm going to go all natural and DEET free, why not try Etsy. I searched locally and came across Georgina Naturals. I have a coupon code that will be listed at the end of the blog post!Taken directly from the Etsy page, here is a brief description of the brand. "Georgina Naturals is a 100% natural...

Revlon Photoready Kajal Double Liners - Review & Swatches

August 28, 2013

I recently received a press package from Revlon with some awesome goodies. The campaign was #DareToWearBlue and it included 2 Photoready Kajal Double Liners, an eyeshadow palette and a mascara. I will have reviews and a video for the rest of the items in the upcoming week. Let's get down to Double Liner business! From Left - Right: Blue Nile, Carbon Cleopatra The full name for these liners is Revlon PhotoReady Kajal Intense Eye Liner + Brightener... phew! I love the concept of these and I've used both multiple times since I have received them. The idea that one single pencil can do two jobs is always nice, one less liner in your makeup bag too! From Top - Bottom: Blue Nile, Carbon Cleopatra Both ends have a cap, that is quite secure if I may add, it's always a pain when the cap comes loose. The cap also indicates for you what colour is inside...

Wilberforce Cottage Trip 2013!

August 20, 2013

Two Mondays ago (wow time flies!) Joe, my friends Sara and Daniel and myself took a 3 hour drive to Wilberforce Ontario to stay at a lovely cottage we rented. We were expecting it to be nice but not nearly as nice as it actually was. Not only was the house beautiful, the whole property and area was as well. So serene and quiet, it was like paradise! It was such a relaxing trip, here are a few photos to show how beautiful it was!Front of the houseExtra little cabin with 4 beds and a bathroom!Back of the house The amazing kitchen!Main living roomOther part of the house with 3 more bedrooms, a bathroom and sitting area.The best staircase ever!Mine & Joe's room for the weekFirst nights sunsetMiddle of the lake on a canoe rideOn the Friday we went to Algonquin Park and did a few trails. It was beautiful! Stay tuned...

Annabelle CC Pressed Powder in Light/Medium: Review & Photos

August 7, 2013

For the last few months, I have been using the Annabelle CC Pressed Powder as my go-to setting powder. It provides light coverage and gives a really silky finish.Light/MediumThe colour of the powder is definitely on the neutral side and seems to blend in quite nicely. It gives a really natural finish but would give a cake-y effect (like most powders) if applied heavily. If you are fair or porcelain, this may be a bit too dark for you and if you are quite tan or medium skinned, it may give a light cast to your skin. The packaging works, but I'm not the biggest fan. The clear lid has come unhinged about 10 times so far but the mirror (seen below) is quite large. The whole concept of the powder ontop, mirror and brush on the bottom bothers me. I've had a few products with this layout and I always...

Cuccio Colour Nail Lacquer: Jamaica Me Crazy, St. Barts in a Bottle & 2AM in Hollywood

July 31, 2013

That may be the longest title I've ever had!A few months back at E.S.I Toronto, Ashley, Dee and myself met the lovely Kim Tanner from Cuccio Naturale and were gifted 3 polishes each by the lovely Brian at O.R.G. Skincare. Sounds like I'm just name dropping doesn't it? Well I have to give everyone credit, that's how it happened! Since that day, I have actively been in love with the formula and colours I chose.I also posted a review on the Cuccio Naturale Detox Soak we were given. The Cuccio Colour Nail Lacquer range has such a wide variety of colours. They are mainly found in salons and spa's. All of the opaque shades in the range have 3 times the pigmentation of many of the other brands on the market. More pigmentation equals less coats and faster drying time, score! I have gotten away with one coat of all of...

OOTD: Garden Party!

July 24, 2013

Last weekend my family went to my cousins after wedding garden party. He got married and had a nice wedding in Edmonton and than came back to Ontario a week later for another celebration.I hoped the whole time while traveling to it that it was okay to wear white, both my mom and I did. We weren't sure how casual or fancy it may be but we both played it pretty safe.Jacket -  Hautelook (2011) - No Tag?Dress -  American Eagle (2012)  Sandals - Target (2010)Bag -  D'lish? Winners (2010)Earrings - Forever21 (2011)Sunglasses - Runaway by VonZipperNail Polish - Jamaica Me Crazy by Cuccio NaturaleEven though many of these things were purchased years ago and probably aren't available, I loved the look of this outfit and wanted to share!xoCarly Jean!...

Montagne Jeunesse Red Earth Clay Spa Fabric Mask - Review & Photos

July 22, 2013

Last week I dove into the Montagne Jeunesse masks I received from Farleyco Beauty and decided to try the Red Earth Clay Fabric Mask first. I've always liked the idea of "sheet masks" but this is a whole new level of mask! Each mask is drenched in the formula and is unlike any other mask I've tried. Slightly less messy than traditional (apply with fingers or brush) masks and just as easy to use. First pomegranate mask I've ever tried!Each Clay Spa mask in the range uses Natural Bamboo Fabric. Each mask is also 99% Natural, Paraben-Free, Farmer Friendly, Complete Raw Material, BUAV/PETA and Vegetarian Society Approved, Dermatologically Tested and 95% of products are manufactured in the UK.   It definitely doesn't look like the illustration on the front.This particular masks has 3 main ingredients, Pomegrante, Cinnamon & Mediterranean Clay. Pomegranate  for it's healing and anti-oxident properties which protect the skin from...

Styli-Style Lip Paint Liquid Lipstick: Review & Swatches!

June 17, 2013

I recently received quite a few items from FarleyCo Beauty and some of my favourites I've tried thus far are the Stýli-Style Lip Paints! This was my first time trying anything from the brand, I plan on exploring more of the Stýli-Style line in the future. From Left to Right: Pink-a-boo, Bare-ly There, Cosmopolitan, Country GirlThe packaging for the Lip Paint's is very compact and very light. I really like the packaging, it's simple and to the point. The fact that you can see the colour inside from every angle but the lid is great. The completely flat edges all around really make storing these in your collection easy. From Left to Right: Pink-a-boo, Bare-ly There, Cosmopolitan, Country GirlFrom Left to Right: Pink-a-boo, Bare-ly There, Cosmopolitan, Country GirlFrom Left to Right: Pink-a-boo, Bare-ly There, Cosmopolitan, Country GirlThe formula for Pink-a-boo and Bare-ly There are creamy and opaque. Where Cosmopolitan and Country Girl almost have a slightly sheer jelly...

O.R.G Skincare Organic Mineral Peel for Face: Review & Photos!

June 7, 2013

This past April Ashley, Dee and I were invited to ESI Toronto by O.R.G Skincare.The product we were all there to see was the Organic Mineral Peel for Face.The demo given at the event is more or less the same demo shown in this blog post. I also created a video (at the end of this post) talking about my thoughts and doing a little demo of the product on my cheeks. O.R.G Skincare is a brand based in Los Angeles with products manufactured in Korea. Brian and Suzie are the founders and owners with great personalities to go with great products. ORG has a body peel and soap as well for sale at the moment with more products in the works!The packaging is awesome! Eco Friendly and definitely unique. The bottle itself is glass with a spray top. Very simplistic but effective.This is the first liquid peel I have ever tried...

Annabelle TwistUp Lipstick Crayons: Review & Swatches

June 6, 2013

The Annabelle TwistUp Retractable Lipstick Crayons have been around for over a year and I haven't heard much hype about them. I have no idea why because I am completely in love!This review will showcase 4 colours in the collection, Breeze, Kinky Pink, Mimosa and Bubble. Bubble has been well loved for a number of months and is definitely not in any form for a photoshoot to take place. There will be a individual swatch on my hand and lips for Bubble separate from the other 3. From Top to Bottom: Breeze, Kinky Pink, MimosaThe packaging is sleek and simple. The clear lid is a definitely plus when storing these lipsticks upright.From Left to Right: Mimosa, Kinky Pink, BreezeThe tip is slightly tapered which helps with a more precise application. I personally like this type of tip the best on lip products. From Left to Right: Breeze, Kinky Pink, MimosaThere is about an...

Weekend Getaway: Blue Mountain May/June 2013!

June 5, 2013

This past weekend, Joe and I took a trip to our favourite destination, Blue Mountain. It's always a nice treat and a good time. When people ask me what we do there, there really is no other answer than just "chill and relax". We do explore the night life and we go on trails and explore the wildlife but mostly, we just relax. This trip was no exception. We stayed in a 1 bedroom suite in the Grand Georgian on the 1st floor.  I definitely would have preferred a higher suite or something with a view but oh well. It was a great time regardless. This will definitely be a picture heavy blog post, and I couldn't be happier about it! The Westin Trillium HouseThat is one humongous chair! The Village & MountainsMini Put course in the Summer, rest of a ski hill in the WinterOur trip to the top of the mountain by...

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