Annabelle TwistUp Lipstick Crayons: Review & Swatches

June 6, 2013

The Annabelle TwistUp Retractable Lipstick Crayons have been around for over a year and I haven't heard much hype about them. I have no idea why because I am completely in love!

This review will showcase 4 colours in the collection, Breeze, Kinky Pink, Mimosa and Bubble. Bubble has been well loved for a number of months and is definitely not in any form for a photoshoot to take place. There will be a individual swatch on my hand and lips for Bubble separate from the other 3. 
From Top to Bottom: Breeze, Kinky Pink, Mimosa
The packaging is sleek and simple. The clear lid is a definitely plus when storing these lipsticks upright.
From Left to Right: Mimosa, Kinky Pink, Breeze
The tip is slightly tapered which helps with a more precise application. I personally like this type of tip the best on lip products. 
From Left to Right: Breeze, Kinky Pink, Mimosa
There is about an inch and a half of product. The whole packaging is about 5 inches long. 
From Left to Right: Breeze, Kinky Pink, Mimosa
As you can see by the swatches above, they all have a slightly glossy finish. I personally love that in lipsticks. The shine stays for the majority of the wear time. 
Kinky Pink
So vibrant, I love it! 
Glides on smoothly, almost feels like a balm at first. The pigmentation of this one lasts about 5 hours. For a lipstick that doesn't claim to be long lasting, that is fantastic in my books! 
A new colour to their collection and one that I love! A very vibrant but wearable orange. Orange sometimes looks funny on my skin but with a tan I think this would look fantastic. 
Slightly less pigmented than the rest, more of a balm or moisturizing feel in my opinion. Lasts a little over 3 hours.
I didn't know how I would feel about this one but it has become my most loved! 
Glides on smoothly as a lilac pink colour. A beautiful my lips but better colour with a slight pastel feel to it. Lasts just over 3 hours as well. A great everyday shade!
Such a vibrant coral shade! Perfect for spring and summer. Slightly less glossy but very pigmented. Has about a 4-5 hour stay.
All in all, these are some of my favourite lipsticks. Comfortable to wear, do not flake off awkwardly and by a great Canadian brand!
Overall Thoughts: A+ for all!
I definitely recommend giving them a try. If you like slightly creamy lipstick that stays well and doesn't bleed, I think you will like these! I look forward to trying more colours. 
Average Price: $9.95 CDN
Amount of Product: 0.05 OZ / 1.5 g
Where to Buy:, Canadian drug and grocery stores
Annabelle and Marcelle recently started shipping to the US and throughout Canada! I have quite a few reviews coming up for other Annabelle and Marcelle products so stay tuned for those!Have you tried these lipsticks?
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