Cheeky Monkey Cosmetics Nail Polish: Review, Photos & Swatches!

May 13, 2013

Cheeky Monkey Cosmetics is a 3-Free Canadian nail polish brand with some seriously awesome...and cheeky names! With 50+ colours in the range you are bound to find one that tickles your fancy.

I recently met the CEO of Cheeky Monkey Cosmetics, Andrea,  at the Blush Pretty Beauty Board and got to see many of the colours up close and personal. I didn't buy any at the event, but I'm definitely looking into getting more for my collection. 
Here is a little blurb found on the site about their products: "All Cheeky Monkey Cosmetics are 3 Free containing no formaldehyde, toluene, or DBP. Our products are non-toxic and rank a one on the skin deep cosmetics safety database (a 1-10 scale with one being the lowest hazard score)."
The shades I am reviewing today are 2 brand new neon's and a (possibly) discontinued deep sheer red. All with quite shocking names, which I love. I'm sure naming products can be a mundane task at most business'  but I'm sure it's a blast at Cheeky Monkey! It took multiple tries to get colour correct photos of these polishes, and they are still not 100% perfect.
Tramp Stamp and Full Brazilian came with two little tags attached to the lid, this is what they said inside. From talking to Andrea at the Beauty Board, there are many different options for these all hilarious or inspirational.
Let's start with the individual reviews!
"Cream orchid fuchsia"
This swatch is two coats with flash.  The finish is demi-matte, despite what it photographed like. It's opaque in two coats but definitely needs a top coat. 
The wear time is great with a topcoat, cannot say what it would be without. I've had it on my two for about a month now and I'm in love. I wore this colour on my toes to the Beauty Board and I'm pretty sure I helped sell a few bottles! 
Above: Most accurate tone!
"Creamy florescent coral pink"
So very neon! Again, a demi-matte finish, two coats. This one was so hard to photograph. I'm not pleased with the colour of the swatch on the nails but the photo above that is dead-on colour wise. 
This will definitely be a repeat toe colour in the summer time! 
The only polish not available on the site and the only one  (I received) with it's name written all over the bottle.
Looks like blood!
Excuse the horrible swatching. From top to bottom: 4 coats, 3 coats, 2 coats, 1 coat.
A more glossy finish to this polish, and a sheer formula. From my experience, sheer polishes are my least favourite, this being one of them. I do not have the patience or the nails for sheer polishes. That being said, I am not bashing it, it is just not for me. If applied well, two coats could most likely suffice. 
All in all, I'm in love! I plan on trying more from the Cheeky Monkey line. It seems the photos on their site need some updating, the colours are not accurate at all. Hopefully they fix that soon!
Even though Cheap Whore is not my cup of tea, I think it is a great polish for someone else. 
I feel the formulation is much different than most 3-Free polishes. It is much thinner and has not gotten at all gloopy in the month or more that I've had them. I didn't notice any peeling either which I notice more with 3-Free polishes compared to chemical based ones. 
Overall Thoughts: A+ for all!
Average Price: $15 CDN
Amount of Product: 15ML / 0.5fl. oz. 
Where to Buy: and select stores & spas, check list here.
Description: "Our nail polish colours were specially selected to drive future trends rather than match current stale ones. Our bottles, brushes and accessories are sourced from around the world including Italian glass and other European sources to be of the very best quality. We are an Environmentally responsible company in our operations and our products. All our products are non-toxic and 3 Free (TFF & DBP Free: do not contain Toluene, Formaldehyde, or DBP – Dibutyl Phthalate)." -
I can't wait to bust out these neon's closer to summer! Another review will be coming up with more colours from the collection eventually. 
Have you heard of Cheeky Monkey? What do you think of their risque names?
Care to share?
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