Cuccio Colour Nail Lacquer: Jamaica Me Crazy, St. Barts in a Bottle & 2AM in Hollywood

July 31, 2013

That may be the longest title I've ever had!

A few months back at E.S.I Toronto, Ashley, Dee and myself met the lovely Kim Tanner from Cuccio Naturale and were gifted 3 polishes each by the lovely Brian at O.R.G. Skincare. Sounds like I'm just name dropping doesn't it? Well I have to give everyone credit, that's how it happened! Since that day, I have actively been in love with the formula and colours I chose.
I also posted a review on the Cuccio Naturale Detox Soak we were given. 
The Cuccio Colour Nail Lacquer range has such a wide variety of colours. They are mainly found in salons and spa's. All of the opaque shades in the range have 3 times the pigmentation of many of the other brands on the market. More pigmentation equals less coats and faster drying time, score! I have gotten away with one coat of all of these but I prefer the look of 2 coats. 
Now onto the swatches! All of these are with 2 coats and no top coat (except Jamaica Me Crazy, whoops!). All of these were taken on different occasions so excuse the different backgrounds and nail lengths (not that is an impressive trait in my nails regardless).
2AM in Hollywood
A true black, not much to it. No brown, purple, green, etc tones... just pure darkness! I didn't own a black polish so I thought this would be a good time. 
St. Barts in a Bottle
Such an awesome blue! Reminds me of vacation. The only downside to this is it stains. You definitely need a base coat under this or else your nails will stain. 
Jamaica Me Crazy
One of my favourite polishes in my collection right now. A beautiful periwinkle!
Those are all the shades I have to show now but hopefully I can get my hands on more in the near future!
You can buy Cuccio Colour online at!
What is your favourite out of these? Have you heard or tried Cuccio Colour before?
Care to share?
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