Cuccio Naturale Detox Soak: Review & Photos

May 27, 2013

This past weekend my mom and I had a little foot spa day and I tried out the Cuccio Naturale Detox Soak that I received at ESI Toronto. This product is mainly for spa's and spa professionals but Ashley, Dee and myself were lucky enough to get some to try out at home. My mom and I actually split the product in two because of the "equipment" we had to work with. By equipment, I mean salad bowls! Yes, you read that right, you gotta work with what you have!

I personally love the packaging for this. It may not look like anything special to many of you but from a design perspective I think it's perfect! The shape of the product inside made the packaging quite hard to photograph though, but that wouldn't matter to anyone but beauty editors or bloggers really. 
Inside the packaging were two individually wrapped products, a tablet and some magnesium sulfate aka epsom salts. 
Both individually wrapped for the spa professional and clients convenience. 
Due to my mother and I sharing this package, we broke the tablet portion in half and split the epsom salts as well. Inside the tablet was a little tiny pink tablet (which I failed to photograph) which is probably supposed to be released and dissolve at the end of the spa session. We broke that in half as well, so the process was probably backwards but oh well!
We started off with freshly washed feet, fresh out of the shower for me. 
First we dropped in the epsom salts in warm water, and than both sections of our tablets at the same time. 
My squished little piggies in the salad bowl right after the tablets were dropped in. 
The products continued to fizz around our feet for a total of 15 minutes I would say. If we had a bubbling foot spa system it would probably be a quicker process and possibly more effective. 
Around the 5 - 10 minute mark. The tablet has moved underneath the middle of my feet. 
The slightly gross result. I'm thinking I need to detox a bit more often. 
Overall this product was definitely fun to try out and I think quite effective. My mother has a lot of pain in her feet all the time and she said her feet felt amazing. Mine felt very soft and had a slight red tone where they were placed in the water. That happens often for me when I do any sort of detox treatment. 
I believe you have to be a spa professional to purchase this product. It is available at if you have a login. 
If the spa you go to carries Cuccio Naturale, I definitely suggest you try it out. Both my mother and I thoroughly enjoyed it!
Have you ever done a detox foot treatment? 
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