Current Obsession: Benefit They're Real Mascara

November 23, 2012

Since I received 2 mini tubes of the Benefit They're Real mascara in my Topbox and Ipsy bag, I have not used anything else. I had a feeling I would like this mascara because of the brush but I had no idea I would love it this much. 

I'm the kind of girl that likes big lashes everyday. That being said, I don't wear false lashes very often, if I do it's to a special occasion. This mascara seriously makes my lashes look fake. I have naturally long lashes but they are stick straight! I usually have to curl the crap out of my lashes many times a day when using other mascara, this one seriously holds! 
This is from an angle a little lower than eye level. 
That curl will hold all day until I take this off.
I just wanted to share my love of this mascara with you all! The mini size is only $12 at Sephora and I can see this little guy lasting a while. The formula is quite liquid-y and I didn't have to dip my brush back in the tube until starting the second eye. I'm happy I have two so I won't run out for a while!
What is your favourite mascara?
Carly Jean!
Care to share?
Carly looking at camera.
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