Current Skincare Routine! Combination Skin with Hyper-Pigmentation

November 14, 2012

Until a few months ago, I had no idea what hyper-pigmentation was, many people don't. I always thought the redness and spots on my face were future acne, previous acne and scars from picking acne. Turns out, when you have breakouts, fail to apply sunscreen and soak in those rays, the sun literally sears the acne spot into your skin and causes the scar. Now I am no expert and I am mainly regurgitating information I have found online through my research.  As a teenager, I used to love the summer and being tan because I wouldn't get horrible breakouts and my acne would just dry right up. Jokes on me, It would dry up because the sun was searing it into my skin for ever! That is terrible to think about but I'm glad I've learned my lesson! Here's what I've been doing to prevent this from happening in the future, and to lighten up my current discoloration.

My skin is very dry around the perimeter and gets quite oily in the T zone area. This has worked well for me but I do plan to change it up a bit once I run out of these products.
Here are some close-ups of my skin currently.  Believe it or not but my skin used to be a lot more red and spotty before using some of these products!
Note to self: Take photos with your hair down, you look bald!
A few active breakouts, but many  are in their last stage. I also have an allergic reaction on my chin. 
As you can see, I have large pores and have quite a few blackheads on my nose. My products currently haven't clogged them, but they also haven't cleaned them out. Any suggestions?
My left (above) side is definitely not as scarred and pigmented as my right (below).
Any raised bumps are current breakouts that are brand new or dying down. I get more acne on this side because I tend to sleep on and hold the phone to, this side of my head. 
Let's jump into the products I have been using.  
This is my current makeup removal and night time routine. I talked about the steps for each product, but I will do that again with a bit more detail.
When taking off my makeup I use this product with some water on a cotton pad and place it on my eye. I demonstrated how I do this in the video down below. It's probably not the best to use for removing makeup, but you do what you gotta do. 
The smell isn't amazing on this but it isn't anything to complain about. I may find another option when this runs out.
I use this to take off the makeup on my face, avoiding the eyes. This is a very gentle scrub with a creamy base and quite sparsely distributed grains of dead sea salt. 
I love the smell of this and the way my skin feels after using it. I use warm water and about a pea sized amount for my whole face.
I have noticed a difference since using this soap. I really wish it came in a regular cleanser form because this feels very unsanitary. 
It has hardly any smell and I think this will last me a long time. As mentioned in the video, it sucks all the oil and moisture out of your skin. You are left with an instantly tight feeling face once you splash that water on your face to remove it. It is the weirdest feeling.
Like I stated in the video, I really don't know the differences between eye creams. This is the first eye cream I have ever used. I do find that it has toned down the puffiness and fine lines that I have had for years. 
It soaks in really quickly, but has a terrible smell in my opinion.
I could probably live without this. For the size, the price is definitely not favorable. It hasn't broken me out, it has moisturized and has helped a bit with the redness. The smell is lovely, and very citrus-y. 
It can feel a bit tacky and greasy if you wear it in the day time.
As for my morning routine, I use a few that were products previously mentioned. 
I start off with this, I feel it removed any residue from my routine the night before and leaves a fresh start.
I use this all over my face with a cotton round, to brighten, freshen and calm down some redness. 
And my only non "natural" product...
I use this right now because I have it, it works well and it has SPF in it. Considering the main reason I have pigmentation problems is from the sun, SPF is a must, even in the colder months. The suns always there. 
It does not feel greasy, you only need a tiny amount and makes your skin look lovely. I feel very healthy and glowy when I have this on.  It doesn't have shimmers or anything that I can see but it does make your skin look glowing.
And that's my current skincare routine! As mentioned in the video, I would like to incorporate something that helps with acne. In the past Salicylic Acid nor Benzoyl Peroxide have worked for me in combating acne so I would love any suggestions some of you may have. 
I would also love to get the Clarisonic and simplify my routine some more. This is a lot of products, some may not even be necessary. 
I'd love to hear your thoughts! Are you using "natural" skin care? What does your routine consist of?


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