Etsy Spotlight - June 2012: Naturallogic Body & Skin

June 27, 2012

For this month's Etsy Spotlight I decided to choose Naturallogic Body and Skin. I am a very avid user of natural skincare, so I decided to try out this lovely shop. Toni, the owner was very informative and extremely kind. The shop has many different products from scrubs, to masks, to creams, to cleansers and much more. I was given a coupon code to use "CARLYSHAUL10" for 10% off your entire order!

It's definitely worth your time to check out, you can also read about all the products offered on Toni's website, Naturallogic skin care is 100% natural and is made with Certified Organic & Wildcrafted Food-Grade Ingredients. I find this completely fascinating and I look forward to learning more from Toni!

Let's get into some products, shall we?
I purchased quite a few samples for myself as well as the giveaway.From Left to Right: Ancient Earth Micro-Polish, Dead Sea Mud Mask, Superfruit Nutritive Scrub, Bamboo Rice Cleansing ScrubBalancing Cleanser                                                 Balance Repairing Toner

So let's review. I just want to state that my skin is combination, oily before I get into the full review.

First I will talk about Naturallogic in general. I feel the company as a whole is great. They have wonderful principles, are very helpful, informative and trustworthy. The owner Toni really knows what she is talking about and really made me feel comfortable when ordering products I have no idea about. Since I did not purchase any full size products I cannot say how I feel about the quality of the packaging. From what I can see in the listing photos on Etsy, they seem to come in great sizes, in durable containers with beautiful stickers and designs. Each listing has the ingredients and directions for use. Overall I think this is a great shop that is reasonably priced and a great contender to all natural brands found in stores!

Ancient Earth Micro-Polish I really enjoyed this! I used it as a mask at first (and a few times after that) and then got some water on my finger tips and rubbed it in circular motions as if you were "polishing" your skin. This product felt and smelt very luxurious. My face felt fantastic after, it did not irritate my skin or leave a film. I think this is an all-around great product and I am really considering purchasing a full size. Dead Sea Mud MaskThis was the very first mud mask I have ever tried. That said, it felt, smelt and applied exactly how I always thought a mud mask would. The sample that I got seemed a tad runny. I did notice that without washing it off using a cleanser or scrub I was left with some mud in my pores. I have very large pores so that could just be me. I have tried it about 3 times and I like it. It is an interesting product and I would like to dive into more mud masks because the way my skin felt after was great. It dealt with my excess oil but did not dry out my skin.Balancing Cleanser I have a love/hate relationship with most cleansers. Cleansers often times dry out my skin and strip it of too much oil. To be honest, I felt that this product did not do anything. I am not saying it is a bad product. It has an average smell nothing unbearable. It is almost a milky-gel texture and you do not need a lot of product. It left a tad bit of a film and I just didn't find it to be anything special. Keep in mind, I only purchased samples of these products so I only got a few uses out of them. I am not completely shutting down this product; I may have a different opinion if I ever try a larger size.
Balancing TonerOnce again, this was another first for me. I have never owned nor tried a toner in my life. This one left me wanting more. I found it refreshing and like I had accomplished something… is that weird? I feel like toners are the necessary step to complete your skincare routine. Where have I been? Anyway, I enjoyed the scent of this toner a lot. I did put a little too much the first time and it left a film but I found 2 squirts will do the job. As the first toner I ever tried, I enjoyed it.
This product was interesting. It really helped with the few dry patches I had and I felt it really moisturized my skin. It felt nice when applied and did not leave a film. I found the scent quite fruity surprisingly. I did really enjoy it and I think it would be great from those with normal to dry skin!
Despite the name, I did not find the scent all that fruity. The texture was almost like sugar granules and I really enjoyed it. It did not dry out my skin and I felt quite refreshed after using it. I preferred to use this in the morning because it helped absorb the extra oils from the night without over doing it. Great scrub!
That is it! I hope you enjoyed this review and video. Do you use natural skincare? Let me know in the comments below!
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