Foundation Dilemma!

October 25, 2012

I am having a horrible time with my skin at the moment. My skincare routine seems to be fine, but for some reason, my skin cannot decide if it wants to be oily, dry or SUPER DRY but also SUPER OILY. I have always known that I have combination skin, but this is getting outrageous. The colour I have been using also hasn't been working with my skin either. My body is warm toned and my face is cool. If I wear a cool foundation, it looks like a mask in comparison to my body!

After coming to the conclusion that I seriously need a new foundation routine, I realized how expensive this will be. I am running out of setting powder and concealer. I would also like to get a primer as well. It doesn't help that I would prefer if it was all natural, or mostly natural. Having a natural skincare regimen has been important to me for years and it only makes sense to use as much natural makeup on top of that as possible.
Anyway! I plan on heading to Sephora and sampling the following products out. If they all work together or if I really love any of the below, I will purchase them. I have a giftcard to my local mall, Sherway Gardens for $40. This will cost more than $40 but hopefully it is all worth it in the end!
From Left to Right:
I have heard in the past that bareMinerals isn't as natural as everyone thinks but I will do some more research and give this a try!
I have a lot of pigmentation issues and I'd like a foundation with some sort of sunscreen in it to prevent further discolouration. This is apparently good for oily or dry skin so hopefully this works out!
To be honest, I would prefer a cheaper alternative. I would like one concealer that would be suitable for both my under eyes and blemishes. If anyone has any natural alternatives, I'd love some feedback!
This looks pretty standard and I've heard great things about Korres. Again if anyone has any natural alternatives, I'd love to know!
That is more or less it. I just want to feel confident about my skin and foundation and I think these products will help!
I look forward to trying out some samples. 
What does your foundation routine consist of?
Do you use natural makeup? 
Carly Jean!
Care to share?
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