Generation Beauty by Ipsy Toronto 2016 - Swag Bag & Freebies

May 19, 2016

After much anticipation, last weekend I got to attend Generation Beauty by Ipsy!

When we got the event, everything seemed to be planned out. There were even ladies standing with signs, guiding you to the event. Everyone got a lanyard with a ticket page in the back. The page had perferated brand tickets all along the edges, easily removable to hand to each vendor. I honestly loved this system, it was perfectly executed so each attendee got a goodie at each booth.

Each line had a zig zag (similar to themepark lines) formation that made waiting in line much more organized and efficent. The space was the perfect size, the vendors were fantastic and friendly. Each booth (other than Caudalie) gave out free goodies. The big lines like Make Up For Ever, Smashbox, NYX & Too Faced were kind of a hassle (sometimes 45 min - 1.5hr+ wait times) but the others were 15 mins or less. All worth the wait in my opinion. 

Let's get down to the goodies. Walking around, going from line to line was actually quite fun. 

On Saturday, the ladies and I decided to tackle the smaller lines first. We went to Benefit first, than onto Rock Your Hair and so on. The only booths we didn't tackle on Saturday were NYX, Too Faced & Tarte. We were on a mission and I think our plan worked out really well. 

On Sunday we arrived as soon as it opened and jumped into the Too Faced line as soon as possible. Than Tarte (which was broken into 3 lines) and than NYX. All in all, pretty long waits for some of them but the loot made it worth while. 

Too Faced, NYX, Smashbox, Benefit, and Make Up For Ever had on site makeup artists, colour matching, explaining products and doing demos. It made the lines longer but it made it feel much more personal. Everything from Too Faced and Make Up For Ever was tailored to you or what you chose. 

Our Goodies (in no particular order):

I'm honestly still blown away by all these goodies. Than we got 2 Swag Bags! 

Grey for Saturday, Pink for Sunday! To save time, heres all of it together! 

Swag Bag Contents (in no particular order):

We got a lot of stuff. If you were an IpsyOS creater you got a TON more as well. 

Overall, I was throughly impressed with everything Generation Beauty. My friend that joined me, Joy, calculated every full-ish size item (approximately) that we got and it was over $475**... holy crap! Definitely worth the $100 price tag I'd say!

Did you go to Generation Beauty in Toronto or else where?

If there is anything I recieved that you'd like me to review, let me know below! 


My friend Samantha (Gemstone Beauty) tallied up all the goodies we got, sample sizes included, and it was $638.85... My brain has just exploded...#blessed.

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