Glossy Box - August 2012

September 6, 2012

Sadly, this will be my last Glossy Box...for now! I love the service but all these boxes have become way too expensive. Once I have a bit more money lying around I will probably sign back up.

This month's box definitely wasn't as great as usual. This box was worth the $15 I spent, but not as worth it as I'd hope.
Glossy box is a monthly subscription service that is open in many countries around the world. In Canada it is $15 and you receive 5 deluxe samples monthly.Glossybox is known for their multiple full size products and huge samples.From my experience, most of the products included are drug store and not very often high-end.
Let's see what I got.
The box was lighter than usual.
Befine Fine Food Skin Care Samples - 50- 150ml ($24 - $30)
It came with 5 different samples .
Gentle Cleanser: "Helps retain moisture leaving skin renewed and refreshed."
Exfoliating Cleanser: "Provides natural anti-bacteria & antioxidant protection calms, soothes & heals the skin."
Night Cream:"Helps skin retain critical moisture to feel nourished and hydrated. Protect skin from damage"
Warming Clay Mask:"Helps stabilize free radicals to keep skin looking young. Smoothes and heals the skin"
Pore Refining Treatment Scrub: "Detoxifies & rejuvenates for healthy, radiant skin. Helps even out skin tone and manage acne prone skin."
I am happy to receive these because I have been looking into purchasing some products from the Befine line.
Sebastian Potion 9 Lite- 150ml ($20.95)
"...conditions, restores, and enhances manageable styling"
The Sebastian products we have received previously from Glossy box, I have enjoyed. I'm looking forward to trying this out.
"Lock into dirt and make-up, even stubborn waterproof mascara, and lift it away without leaving a greasy residue."
You can always use make-up wipes. These would be great for your purse when it starts to get late and you cannot wait to take your makeup off.
"This professional line of eye liner is a perfect and playful way to wear this season's pastel palette for a soft and gentle look"
The colour is quite true to the colour of the lid. I would not consider this a pastel shade. I do enjoy the consistency and the colour of this pencil.
Kryolan for Glossy Box Lipstick in Glossy Pink
"Professional beauty lipstick for soft and glamorous lips with a luminous, long-lasting colour."
There is no price provided. I do not feel like this should be one of our full size items. Only Glossy Box members can get these and I'm not even sure if they are sold anywhere.
Elastoplast SOS Blister - 5 units ($5.99)
"With hydrocolloid technology, it helps blisters heal faster and its extra strong adhesion keeps the bandage in place for days. Travel pack: FULL SIZE!"
I kept in the "FULL SIZE!" cause I thought it was funny. 1 bandage, ONE! One full size bandage, and a coupon. It is stated as an extra but I still think this is a bit ridiculous. I say that now but I will be happy to have it the next blister I get. Mystery Gift Card - $5-$250
"Cash in your closet with Trend Trunk, a social marketplace which allows you to buy, sell and donate your amazing new and pre-loved fashion!"
I redeemed my card and I got $5! Yay... I like the concept, and idea of this website & card. It is a nice little extra but I don't know if I will ever use it.
And that my friends, was my August Glossy Box. I think it could have been better. I have been spoiled by Glossy in the past so I feel a little ripped off after this box. It is not horrible, but my standards have risen since starting all these boxes. I will (hopefully) have another Glossy post in a few months but that is it for now!
What do you think? Are you subscribed to Glossy Box?
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