Glossy Box - October 2012!

November 2, 2012

For a Breast Cancer Awareness themed box, I did not feel this was anything special. To my knowledge, no proceeds were donated by Glossybox, nor was anything specifically in support of Breast Cancer research. 50 Glossies received a "golden ticket item" which was a piece of jewelry from the brand Bijoux Caroline Neron. I do not think that is fair to only choose 50 people. What about the other thousands that have been subscribed for months and paying $15 a month? Overall, this box wasn't anything I am too excited about.

The packaging was the same as usual, and as you can see... not overly exciting.
We received a coupon for a free shave gel with a purchase of Venus cartridges. I have received many razors from these boxes and I really don't think they should be considered a main product. This is more of a lifestyle product in my opinion. It's always nice to have a back up, but I have a personal preference and these expensive, quite gimmicky ones, aren't it. 
Sebastian Professional Trilliance Shampoo - Full Size: 250ml ($15.79)
Sebastian Professional Trilliance Conditioner - Full Size: 250ml ($16.59)
These are both very thick but they smell great. I don't mind hair care samples but they seem to come monthly in every beauty box I receive. I look forward to trying these because they claim to add shine, which my hair definitely needs!
Well this is some seriously expensive cream! I am happy with my skincare at the moment, so this cream will probably go to my mom or another family member. I don't remember choosing anti-aging as a preference in my beauty profile. 
Modelco Flipstick Lip Duo - $38.75
This is apparently a Glossy Box exclusive product.  I have never heard of this brand but by the look of the company url, they are Australian. As you can see by the swatches below, this colour is quite brown. 
From Left to Right
Lipstick in Dusk, Gloss in Striptease, Striptease layered on Dusk
I am personally not a huge fan of this colour combo. The gloss is okay but the lipstick really isn't my cup of tea. These have a fruity type scent and I think they smell great! In the video below I am wearing this lip duo if you are interested in seeing it on. 
Don't mind the terrible paint job, but for some reason I hated the look of this on my nails. In person it looked very odd in combination with my skin tone. Not sure why I disliked it so much but I will most likely pass this onto a family member as well.
And that's it! I would have preferred different lipstick & nail polish colours but oh well. I am not very pleased and I hope with this $21 change, the boxes improve. Glossybox has become very hit or miss when for the first few months it was always a hit! 
I hope things improve. What do you think? Are you subscribed to Glossybox?


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