Glossybox Event - Toronto: Photos, Video & Gift Bag!

December 5, 2012

This event was great! I was invited by Ashley and am very grateful I was able to go. Ashley is a Glossybox Ambassador and received an awesome golden box filled with even more goodies for working so hard and referring so many people. I felt like part of a celebrity entourage there, she had a picture up and everything! It was awesome. I'm very happy for her and I will make sure to link her video or blog here

The photos below were taken by Glossybox and you can see them all here. Here are the ones with myself and friends!
Ashley with her golden box and the lovely people at Glossybox!
The event was held at the Marc Anthony Salon on Avenue Road (just North of Bloor) in Toronto. It was a bit claustrophobic but it was a pretty place. They had many different sections and I didn't get many pictures but there is some video footage linked below. It was very crowded and I had a hard time taking photos so excuse the bad quality. 
There was a nail bar, which had Nicole by OPI polish but you had to paint your nails yourself. I passed on this mainly because I am absolutely horrible at painting my nails. There were also braid, tinseling and bun bars. Each of these were part of Marc Anthony and I didn't participate in any of these either but they looked fun! The only one I participated in was the makeup bar, which primarily used the NYX Dark Shadows palette. I would have preferred less highlighter and blush but hey what can you do!
Anyway, this post will be massive so I will get to the photos and the goodies I received!
At the event:
There was a candy bar!
and cupcakes!
The ladies at Jouviance were very nice and we received two small samples.
There were a few more colours than I have seen previously by Annabelle. I really like the twist up pencils, I have one myself. 
I'm interested in trying out some of the Annabelle BB line. 
Marcelle was there beside Annabelle. I have seen these products in store, I wasn't able to swatch anything due to the crowd. 
Macadamia Hair was also there, they were giving out some Macadamia nuts. I've heard only great things about this line.
I didn't really get a chance to hear more about this line, I'm sure the website shown will tell you more! :)
Vitabath had a sink full of body lotions and hand creams.
There was a photo booth, this was lots of fun! 
Left: Ashley, Joy, Sam, Me
Middle: Ashley & I
Right: Myself, Jessica & Ashley
A few other booths that were there which I failed to photograph were Glam Glow, Elin Bianco, Maskeraide and Beauty So Clean. 
Now onto the good stuff, the gift bag & samples!
Please excuse the quality of some of these photos!
Here's a little overview, we got spoiled!
Beauty So Clean also had a booth. This is their scented brush cleaners in Gingerbread & Candy Cane. The ladies at the event also gave us 2 samples of the Beauty So Clean wipes. 
I believe this is from the vendor above that I did not get to talk to. This was in the gift bag and I tried it today. It is tinted, almost a mousse texture and leaves a matte finish. Very little coverage though, interesting concept none the less!
Another Model co lipstick & gloss which I will be giving as a gift!
Exciting to see the Marcelle Eye Makeup Remover in there. This is one of my favourites.
Terrible photo, it had too much glare I couldn't photograph it properly.
Elizabeth Grant BioCollasis Complex Eye Pads. I will be gifting these as well, I believe this pack goes for $38!
Jouviance First Defence Antioxidant Emulsion full size! One of the samples on the side is the same and the other is their foundation that matches all skin types & tones, definitely intriguing! 
Biore Deep Cleansing Pore Strips. I recently bought some of these but I'm more than happy to receive more!
MasherAide Facial Sheet Masks in Beauty Re'store & Pre Party Prep. We were given one of the two by the lovely ladies of MaskerAide and the other in the gift bag!
Full size Macadamia Deep Repair Masque! I'm really looking forward to this!
Vitabath Bath & Shower Gelee in the original scent was given in the gift bag.
I was able to get 3 different lotions as well, two body, one hand. Spa hand creme on the left, Original body lotion in the middle, Plus body lotion on the right. 
Elin Bianco hair perfume mask. This is definitely interesting but the scent is seriously strong! A very strong baby powder type scent. Many others got a full size serum or hair perfume spray when they visited the vendor. 
We have received this previously in a Glossybox, but I definitely don't mind! This Curel Foot creme is great!
I am so excited we received a full size!  This is the GlamGlow Exfoliating Mask Treatment. The ladies put some on my hand and when I took it off my hand looked great. Hopefully the same results happen with my face!
Annabelle Ultra Precise liner is definitely awesome. It is super black and long lasting. It is still on my hand from yesterday and I've washed my hand numerous times!
Nicole by OPI nail polish in Please RED-cycle. This c olour is a very pink, orange based red and is super vibrant. Totally my type of colour.
Marc Anthony Oil of Morocco Argan Oil Treatment! What a cool bottle, I'm really exciting to give this a try!
Blurry photo, sorry! and last but not least the Jergens Ultra Care Moisturizer. This stuff is great for the winter. 
I believe that is everything! Hopefully I didn't forget anything because this took forever! 
Again, I am so thankful I was invited and I look forward to trying all these products out. I will be doing indepth reviews for many of these products in the future so look out for those. 
Did you attend this event? Have you ever been to a beauty event before? This was my first! 
Carly Jean!


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