Glymm Bag - August 2012

August 17, 2012

The products this month are quite tiny. Glymm has become my least favourite out of the box subscriptions I am a part of.

Glymm is a monthly subscription service that is open to Canadian residents. It is $12 for new members and $10 for previously subscribed members. With your subscription you are guaranteed 4-5 deluxe samples. From my experience the samples are usually quite small and not overly exciting. Glymm has an online store where you can purchase the full size of products you receive. This store contains many high-end brands like Butter London, Anastasia, Stila, Cargo, etc. Rarely do we receive products from these high end brands. It is a little irritating to see.
Let's see what I got this month.
My camera did a horrible job at capturing this awesome bag. In the video  there is a better view of this bag. This is easily the best part of this months box. I can't wait to put this to use as a clutch!
"This sexy gloss stimulates collagen, is non-tacky and plumps your lips ever so gently."
I have never heard of this brand but I like the colour of this. Glymm states it will last up for 14 uses. This sample size would definitely be convenient for a little purse or clutch!
"This cream is made from 100% natural active ingredients. Skin is mattified, soothed and balanced. Redness and blemishes on the face are diminished."
This little tube is so cute! The statement above really intrigues me. If this works you will definitely see a review!
Mai Couture Blush Papier - Prettyful - Full Size 50 Sheets / $19-$26
"The Papier collection by Mai Couture exudes novelty and modernism. Whether you need coverage, color or highlights you’ll find a quick and effective solution here."
These have intrigued me for quite a long time. This is quite an awesome idea if your on the go or for a night out. This sample pack only included 2, but Glymm says it can be used up to 4 times. Perhaps if I cut them? 
COCCOLILY Nail Polish in Fancy -  Full Size: 15ml/$12
"Exclusively created by Coccolily. These colors are unique just like you."
I am curious if this brand is 3-Free. I like the consistency, brush and colour of this polish. I am excited to try this out!
Vitamine & Sea Mineral Clay Mask - Full Size: 210ml/$62
"This natural facial mask made with clay directly from the Dead Sea will tingle as it softly exfoliates, eliminates toxins, promotes circulation, cleanses and strengthens your skin."
We have received another item from Vitamine & Sea that I have yet to try out. This is a decent sized sample and I look forward to trying it out. Masks are my favourite part of my skincare routine!
That's all for my bag this month. All the samples were quite small and I don't feel this bag was worth the money. I only pay $10 but I feel I could get these samples with an online order somewhere or in a store. I understand these brands are not very common but trying tiny samples of products usually don't intrigue me to purchase full sizes. When it comes to skin care, more than 10 uses are usually needed to see how your skin really reacts. 
This may be my last month of Glymm if I cancel in time. Are you subscribed? What do you think of my box?
Carly Jean!


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