Glymm MAN - September 2012!

November 6, 2012

This post is so terribly late! I received this box about 2 weeks late due to a mishap with Canada Post. The box was lost and Glymm was not responding to myself nor Canada Post. It took over 2 weeks to come to a solution which did not result in any sort of refund but another box being sent. I didn't even want this box after this complication because I saw reviews but Glymm does not accept any returns or refunds. Anyway! I had filmed this with Joe a few weeks after we received the box, but than my memory card died and took everything along with it. We haven't had a chance to film again so I will just be doing a blog post. Joe will have a sentence or two of thoughts regarding each product as well.

This box was definitely not worth the $26 I paid for it. I saw the first ever box some men received and was so excited for the one I would be receiving. You would think after just one box they would still put some effort into the second one! No full size products and mostly repeats and leftovers from previous Glymm Girl boxes!
When it comes to grooming, Joe doesn't do anything special or use anything outside of the drugstore. He is your standard guy, happy with Old Spice, Dove & Axe. I personally don't mind, it's cheap and they work! I was not expecting him to totally change his routine or anything by getting this box. I was more interested to see if there would be any hair and cologne products he has never tried.
Anyway! Let's get into the box! These will just be our initial thoughts and impressions.
The previous Glymm Man came in a nice black box. This came in a small velour sachet that got black fuzz all over the products!
Nothing too large or exciting to see.
John Allan's Slick Water - 59ml ($29) - Received: 7ml ($3.44)
Sample Usage: Up to 4 Uses
"Specially formulated to lift the follicles for a closer shave"
Carly's Thoughts: The scent isn't over powering but I can definitely smell the Tea Tree Oil. It apparently reduces potential redness and irritation caused by shaving as well. This little guy is cute, I'll give it that! 
Joe's Thoughts: I find it smells very similar to Vick's Vapour Rub. While using this I did notice it raising the hairs, making it easier to catch when shaving.
Bentaberry G1 Moisturizing Face Cream - 30ml ($22) - Received: 3ml ($4.09)
Sample Usage: Up to 7 Uses
"Skin is mattified, soothed and balanced. Redness and blemishes on the face are diminished. It's subtle fragrance was designed for both boys and girls."
Carly's Thoughts:I wanted to cry when I saw this. I tried this in my previous Glymm box and it broke me out so bad! Not only is this probably a left-over product from Glymm Girl, it got terrible reviews from what I saw on others blogs.
Joe's Thoughts: It smells pretty standard but it felt quite greasy on the skin. 
LA Fresh Instant Body Soother - Full Size: 24 Wipes ($9.99) - Received: 2 Wipes ($0.83 Total)
Sample Usage: Up to 4 uses
"Massage into temples, shoulders, neck, legs or anywhere you feel fatigued or tense. Silky smooth skin and a pleasant aroma are extra bonuses."
Carly's Thoughts: As stated many times before throughout my videos and blogs, I seriously dislike these packages. The smell is a bit too strong for my liking. The packaging states "Caution: ...may cause surfaces to become slippery." I personally hate the slippery, oily feeling and I'm sure men hate it more than women do! Personally not a fan.
Joe's Thoughts: It smells strongly of mint gum and the sheet is quite large. It's very refreshing and I used it more or less all over my face to be honest. Hopefully this doesn't make me break out! The texture is interesting and quite oily though. Minimal burning sensation after a minute or two. 
Evolvh UltraShine Moisture Shampoo & Conditioner - Full Size: 250ml each ($25) - Received: 59ml each ($11.80 for both)
Sample Usage: Up to 14 Uses Each
"Shampoo gently cleanses while infusing moisture and nutrients, leaving hair nourished. Conditioner penetrates the hair shaft to moisturize and repair hair from the inside out."
Carly's Thoughts:  When I saw these I was irritated. We received this set the month before in the Glymm Girl box. I liked these but they did not last more than 1 time for me. I think 14 uses is a large reach even for men's hair.
Joe's Thoughts: It's not the manliest scent out there, but the conditioner smells better in my opinion. I rarely use conditioner and most likely won't use this one. The shampoo really weighed down my hair and made it a bit too shiny for my liking. 
Caudalie Gentle Buffing Cream - Full Size: 60ml ($35) - Received:  15ml ($8.75)
Sample Usage: Up to 14 Uses
"Gets rid of dead cells and excess sebum by stimulating cellular renewal. This treatment is ideal for all skin types, even the most sensitive. "
Carly's Thoughts: We have also received this product in a previous Glymm Girl, but I don't mind. I think this is a great, basic, unisex product that has hardly any scent. I'll use it if Joe doesn't!
Joe's Thoughts: I used it dry at first and Carly laughed at me! It had a sandy texture and hardly a scent. My face did feel smoother once I worked it in and rinsed it off. 
Atelier Cologne Trèfle Pur - Full Size: 30ml ($70) - Received: 1.5ml ($3.50)
Sample Usage: Up to 20 Uses
"A landscape of vitality, surrounds violet leaves in green woods, freshly cut grass and dewy earth."
Carly's Thoughts: What a manly description of a fragrance! I personally like the smell of this and the smell is extremely familiar. 
Joe's Thoughts: Smell's like the woods! I don't mind the scent and it reminds me of a Old Spice or Axe body wash I have used in the past. I would wear this. 
Vitamine & Sea Mineral Clay Mask - Full Size: 210ml ($58) - Received: 10ml ($2.76)
Sample Usage: Up to 3 Uses
"Made with clay from the Dead Sea will tingle as it exfoliates, removes toxins, cleanses and strengthens your skin."
Carly's Thoughts: And one more duplicate! I really enjoyed this last time I tried it and will most likely end up using this one. Joe has never used a mask, let's see if I can change his mind!
Joe's Thoughts: I tried it. It felt kind of awkward at first and really tight near the end. Felt a little tingly but nothing overpowering. I might use try this out again, but only if Carly does it too haha!
Overall, we paid $26 and this box was only worth $35.17! For a quarterly sample box, that is terrible.
Carly's Overall Thoughts: I feel cheated out of money, more than I usually do with Glymm. I have literally received (from Glymm Girl) and tried 5 of the 8 products in this box. We have also received a different Atelier Cologne in a previous box. I signed up for this box because the first one was incredible with mostly full size products by great brands I wanted to try! I was expecting atleast one full size product, with a somewhat substantial value. The full size products only retailed for $0.41 each which were the LA Fresh wipes! I'm seriously irritated because that was $26 and 2 weeks of confusion and stress, to receive a crappy box! Not worth the money in my opinion!
Joe's Overall Thoughts:  I personally do not think this was at all worth the price. However, I will use the majority of the samples received. I don't think I would buy the full size of any, nothing seemed too special or exciting to me. I can also tell that Carly isn't too thrilled with this, which upsets me as well. I saw the previous box other men received and would really get a lot of use out of those products. I would have preferred some hair styling products and some different cologne choices but hey, what can you do!
Anyway! That is all. If you received this box or have had a similar experience, feel free to share down below!
Would you like to see more posts & videos including Joe? We are on the wait list for Glossybox  for Men to come out so there will be some sort of content when that is released!
Let us know what you think, was this box a rip off or not so bad?
Carly & Joe!
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