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September 17, 2012

I spotted this tag on Sprinkle Of Glitter's blog and was intrigued to see about my own face regimen. Some of these products are from sample box services or gifts so I technically did not pay the full price. These products are what my usual daily make-up routine consists of. If I run out of any of these, there are a few I would definitely repurchase. 

I also forgot to include it but I use Cargo Lash Activator in Brown on my lower lashes and my Burt's Bees Lip Balm!
All prices are in Canadian dollars from websites I would most likely purchase them from. Prices may vary from different vendors. 
* = received in a beauty box or as gift
Quo Concealer in 02 - $11.00
*Ferro Cosmetics Sheer Crystal Veil -  $19.00 (I have a sample size)
Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Dollface - Paid $11.00 (sample size)
Total:  $162.66 !!!!
MAC  Naked Pigment  - $8 (Came in a gift set of 5 for $40)
MAC Jig's & Jive Pigment - $8 (Came in a gift set of 5 for $40)
Total:  $97.79 !!
Total: $11.99
Grand Total:  $272.44
HOLY MOLY! I am so glad for beauty boxes! 
Here's how much I paid out of my own pocket, without the subscription costs: $96.66
Still a lot but definitely a huge difference. I never really put the thought into how much I have saved by having these beauty boxes. Definitely something to consider if you spend a lot of makeup without these subscriptions!
Here is my go-to everyday look.
Very subtle! I opted out of the eyeliner for today but usually I just do a little bit on the outer 1/3 of my top lash line.
Have you ever thought about this? I definitely suggest whomever is reading to do this as well! I'd love to see how much everyone else spends on their daily face routine.
If this didn't make you consider trying out some subscription boxes (I got most of these products from Glossy Box!) than I don't know what would!
Carly Jean!
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Carly looking at camera.
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