imPress Press-On Manicure in Ecstatic Cling: Review & Photos

June 3, 2013

Kiss and Broadway Nails were at the Beauty Board I attended this year. In the goody bag we received at the end, we got a set of imPress Press-On Manicure, mine was Ecstatic Cling. I have been dying to try these out due to my terribly short nails and I was so eager to get them on my fingers! 

Let me start off my saying, I have tiny finger nails... like seriously tiny. Whenever I get my nails done at a salon they always comment on them. They are narrow and short and so hard to find matches when I am getting artificial nails on. With all this being said, the lady at the Beauty Board ensured me they would fit... some did but they were still too big. 
Each set contains 24 pre-glued nails in a variety of sizes. 
I love the packaging, so cute and original. It comes with a wipe and mini nail file.
The wipe seemed to be just alcohol soaked. You wipe your natural nails down before applying the nails on top to dry the surface.
Here is the super cute but incredibly difficult to use nail file, which I could not get off the paper backing. This was to file down the fake nail and gently buff your natural nail. 
Here are the 24 nails! 
And here are the ones that *sort of* fit. Once you are ready to apply the nails you get the correct size, and pull off the plastic tab lining on the back of the nail. The glue is uncovered and you simply place and press firmly on your nail. 
The package advises you to do your thumbs last, which I did. I find the process progressively harder to do once I got down to the last few fingers. If I was used to having long nails it probably would have been much easier.
This is the final product and the best representation of the colour! I love the look on my fingers. 
As you can see, each nail fits differently, my ring finger natural nail has a deeper and longer bed than the rest which in turn made the fake nail look shorter. My middle and ring finger were easiest to match, the rest were all a tad big for my natural nail bed.
The nails lasted a whopping 5.... hours. Yes, you read that right. That being said, the middle and ring finger nails were stuck on really well, the rest came off far too easy. I absolutely love the idea of these and I hope someone comes out with something for abnormally small nails! 
The colour is gorgeous and I would LOVE it in nail polish form. 
Overall Thoughts: B-
I wish I could give a better rating but they didn't work out at all for me. The shape, colour and concept was great but the sizing was not. Without sizing that works, they won't last at all.  If they fit all my nails properly I have no doubt they would last multiple days. The removal process was easy for the ones stuck on well. It did not damage my natural nail at all.
Average Price: $8.99 CDN
Where to Buy: Wal-Mart,, Local Drug and Grocery Stores
Description: " THE REVOLUTIONARY WAY TO APPLY POLISH. No drying time. Superior, lasting shine. Easy removal. Lasts up to a week" -
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