Julep: Bombshell - January 2013

January 8, 2013

Getaway Glam was the theme for this month's Julep box. The colour options consisted of "Neons & Nudes". I stuck with my "Style Profile" and chose Bombshell as my box this month! I'm very pleased I did, I really enjoy the colours I got.

Escape & Unwind... don't mind if I do!
Such neon colours! It's almost hurting my eyes looking at this photo. These are hair ties which apparently do not leave any sort of crease in the hair. I can only see myself wearing such a bright tie in the summer or while exercising. Nice to have, I would have preferred some on the "nude" side though.
This is exciting! My cuticle's have been so dry and cracked lately. This giant tube is more or less a pretty cuticle glue stick!
Warning to anyone planning on doing the same, it won't go down fully anymore without force anymore!
But look how much product it holds!
That is completely fantastic if you ask me. It's definitely a travel friendly size as well. I can see this lasting me ages.
We also received a little sheet of "Swatch Me!" squares for the top of our polishes. In the video below I show you how to do it. The polishes we received already had the stickers on them. I look forward to doing the rest of my Julep polishes as well!
Top to Bottom: 
Ava: "Ballet slipper pink frost"
It is a lovely colour that is quite opaque in 2 coats. I must admit it is a bit more gloopy than some other Julep polishes. Nonetheless, I can see myself wearing this often!
Bette: "Electric neon purple creme"
I've been wanting a colour like this for ages, and now finally I have one! I think this would look amazing on my toes. The formulation is almost jelly-like and actually quite thin. It would take about 3 coats to get an opaque finish. It leaves an almost matte, satin finish with the slightest bit of gloss.
I have been impressed with Julep since the beginning and I think this company has a lot to offer. I love all the little extras they have been adding in each month. I have yet to be disappointed completely with a colour, or collection since my first box in February.
Are you a Maven? What box did you get this month?


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