Julep: Holiday Nail Wardrobe - December 2012

December 18, 2012

This month I decided to opt in for the whole Julep collection. This was the first time doing so and I am so glad I did! I'm not sure what the theme was called this month but it was all about glitter and shimmer. I have put aside quite a few polishes previously for Christmas gifts and now I can add a few more. We got a few little goodies along with the polishes this month as well. Let's get into the collection. 

I tried a different technique when taking these photos so hopefully they are good and as true to colour as possible. 
Jam packed box! It looks so pretty!
I'll go into the extras before the polishes.
I would love to try this out myself but I will be gifting it to someone this Christmas. Every pedicure product I have tried from Julep has been a 100% hit, I'm sure this is no exception!
These are larger than the ones we received previously and there are 10 little pieces inside. Beware of the remover that spills out if you are holding it wrong! I think the 5 pieces are too many, from previous experience 2 did both of my hands. 
Cabochon Ring
I love the personalized pouch and the ring itself, but I cannot see myself actually painting it. Besides me butchering the name in the video I explained that this ring is meant to be base coated, painted and top coated (are those even words?!) and to be honest, it doesn't really interest me. I can see myself wearing this as it is. 
And now onto the polish!!
11 polishes in total! Many of these are only $7 right now!!
I have grouped them into similar colours for the photographs below.
Top to Bottom:
Vivien - "Champagne bubbles'- a full coverage multi-dimensional gold glitter"
Julia - "Purple orchid with golden micro-glitter metallic" 
Hilary - "Full-coverage copper multi-dimensional glitter"
Top to Bottom:
Scarlett *A bit more red in person* -"Vibrant red micro-glitter metallic"
Petra -"Cranberry magenta with silver shimmer"
Barbara -"Full-coverage magenta multi-dimensional glitter"
Top to Bottom
Ivy -"Dynamic sapphire micro-glitter metallic"
Harper -"Full-coverage opalescent mermaid blue multi-dimensional glitter"
Cindy -"Emerald green with gold micro-glitter metallic"
Top to Bottom
Jordan (no longer available separately) -"Full-coverage silver gunmetal multi-dimensional glitter"
Patti -"Full-coverage black multi-dimensional glitter"
I am so inlove with this box! I have a deep love for glitter and shimmer, especially around the holidays! If the selection is good next month as well, perhaps I'll get the whole collection again!
Are you a Maven? What style profile did you choose this month?
Use coupon code COLOR2012 to get your first box for only $0.01! That's only a penny! If that doesn't work for you, by using the code MAVEN50 you can get your first box for 50% off.


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