Julep Maven: Bombshell - November 2012

November 9, 2012

When I received the e-mail from Julep with my options for the month, I wasn't super thrilled. None of the colors really stood out to me. The theme revolved around suede and matte textured polishes. I was thinking of picking Maven's choice because of the matte top coat but I decided not to. I stuck with my original "style profile" choice, Bombshell. I am so happy I did, I'm completely in love with one of the shades!

I love the packaging of this box, very fall inspired! Lovely chocolate brown and burgundy.
"Hydrate your skin with this decadent, shea butter-infused moisturizer. Packed with organic aloe vera, vitamin E, and natural oils to soothe and nourish dry skin - this creamy smooth frosting absorbs quickly and leaves you soft all over."
I am not a huge fan of grapefruit but I enjoyed the smell and texture of this. You need hardly any product and it soaks into your skin quite quickly. 
One-Step Polish Remover Pad
There does not seem to be a item in the Julep shop yet for these. The smell wasn't too bad and the texture reminded me of thick medical gauze. It didn't leave any pieces of material or fuzz. As for the removal, I think it could have been a bit better. They dried up quite quick for me and I took a bit more effort than I'm used to.
Left to Right: 
Donna:  "Smokey peacock blue crème" 
Probably my new favourite colour!  I found this very hard to photograph so the colour is a tad bit off. It is a bit darker, refer to the link above to see the true tone.
 Trina:  "Deep aubergine shimmer."
Not my favourite shade in my collection, but I will definitely wear it. I love dark polishes on my skin and this purple, copper, gold duo chrome shimmer looks great!
Both were very opaque in 2 coats. The photo above is with flash and without a top coat. Please excuse my poor picture taking abilities! 
As usual, I love the Julep formulation. They dry quickly, go on smoothly and are the perfect consistency. A few polishes have really glooped up on me but I have a feeling they have changed their formula slightly in the last few months. 
If you are interested in becoming a Julep Maven you may use the coupon code MAVEN50 for 50% off your first box! It is a great service and I highly recommend it! 
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