Julep Maven: Mavens Choice - October 2012

October 5, 2012

I was so excited to see this in my mail box! I love the option Julep Maven has every month to choose your box, this month they gave us an extra option! Now, I have a horrible memory so it is a given that I can't remember whether we got to choose the shades individually or if it was an existing box. I was given the option on the 20th (like always) and apparently I'm too busy to remember such a simple detail! Oh well, regardless I love the polishes I received. They are very fall appropriate and I can definitely see myself wearing them often!

I love receiving anything Halloween themed! We got some candy corn (which I have never tried!) and some glitter. 
We got two lovely glitters perfect for Halloween. I am not sure if they are safe for the face and eyes (there was no card this box) but I will definitely use them for the nails.
(I am still learning how to correctly capture and edit my photos  correctly so these colours are a tad off, but not quite!)
I am so in love with these colours, they are amazing for fall!
LIsa - "Warm pebble gray creme."
I feel this is more of a khaki colour. A bit of green, gray and beige all mixed together. Regardless, I love it!
Eloise - "Smokey indigo blue creme"
I couldn't agree more with the colour description. I can see myself wearing this colour very often!
Keira - "Deep burgundy creme"
This is the exact colour I've been longing for! This burgundy shade will most likely be a staple in my fall wardrobe!
Overall, I feel this was a great box and I cannot wait to try out these shades!
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