Beauty Box 5 - June 2012

July 12, 2012

This was my first Beauty Box 5 and I am very impressed! Beauty Box 5 is a company based out of Texas and are one of the few beauty boxes that ship to Canada as well as the USA. 

I was very impressed with everything I got in this box and have re-subscribed for 3 months!
The colour and size of this box was pleasantly surprising. The size is perfect for the amount of stuff inside. It always bothers me when boxes are way larger than the products inside, it just always feels so wasteful. The colour is beautiful. It is the perfect Tiffany blue and just brightens up your mailbox! That being said, it fits in the mailbox so no meeting the delivery man in your pjs is needed!  When I first opened this box and read the card, I was very excited to see how natural the products seemed. It was also a huge plus to see so much makeup. A total of 3 make-up products trumps the usual 1 or none in other beauty boxes. Can you tell how much I enjoy this box?
These are not your typical blotting sheets. They are much thicker and almost feel like rice paper. That being said, they are still as effective as any others I have tried. The packaging is a tad large but I can live with that.
This blush intimidated me a tad at first. It is darker than I am used to but with a light hand it looks great on my light skin tone. It lasts for a few hours on my oily-combo skin. I can see myself using this often, especially when I'm more tan.
I have never seen anything like this. It literally has little bumps that exfoliate, very well... very very well! I find the towelette to be larger than necessary. I think you would be able to get 2 uses out of every towelette and just seal it tightly after.
This colour is perfect! It perfect for highlighting the brow bone and inner corner. It is also a lovely all over the lid colour. It becomes even more pigmented when used wet. I love pigment eyeshadows and I am thinking of purchasing some more from this brand.
The idea behind this liner puzzled me at first. "Brush it on...slide it off" is the slogan, and it is completely accurate. It is almost like lash glue when you are removing it. It stays all day and literally no water is needed to remove. I will have a more in depth blog for this product in a few more weeks. 
That is all, and I am very satisfied. Beauty Box 5 delivers 4-5 samples to your door for $12 per month, with discounted prices for quarterly and yearly memberships. I am very happy with this service and look forward to receiving more boxes. Have you heard of Beauty Box 5 or are you subscribed?


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