Luxe Box - June 2012

July 8, 2012

This Luxe Box was the last of it's kind. Loose Button, the company who created Luxe Box has decided to change the monthly service into a quarterly one. Along with the subscription change, the new service will now be called Loose Button. I like the idea of this new service and I will definitely try it out. For more information on the new Loose Button box, feel free to check here for their updates.

Let's get started on the box itself. I must say compared to previous Luxe Boxes this trumps them in a few different ways. In previous boxes, we hardly ever, if ever, got full size products. This box came with 3 full size products and a bonus Olay mirror. Throughout this blog I will have close up photos and brief first impressions on the products themselves.
I have yet to try this product but it seems intriguing. I have very frizzy hair so I enjoy using hair oils. This was just a little tester vile but it should last for a few uses.
I personally have never tried and will never try Olay products. That being said, I do not judge those who do. I just don't agree with the ingredients in Olay products. This full size product is definitely my least favourite in the box because it is something I will not use. For $60 that is quite a big item to put in box like this.
OPI Top Coat - 15 ml ($9)
I have always felt, you can never have too many topcoats. I do prefer fast drying ones because I am prone to smudging within the first minute of applying. I am horrible at keeping my polish in tact. I have used this, and I will continue to use this. Does anyone else find OPI polishes hard to open?
I love these! I really enjoyed using them but I found they started to peel up around the edges. As you can probably tell, I have a lot of skin/finger beside my nails and my nails are very curved. It was a little difficult getting in the crevices  beside my nails. Regardless, these are great and they come in a ton of different colours and patterns. 
Last but not least the bonus item
Olay Double Side Magnifying Compact Mirror
I have used this a bunch! It has definitely come in handy. It is almost too magnifying, you can see every pore and little hair on your face, it's terrifying! 
All in all, this was a good last Luxe Box. Like stated earlier, I am excited for this quarterly membership and I hope it is worth the $26!
Are you subscribed to Luxe Box or the new Loose Button subscription service?


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