Loose Button Luxe Box - Fall 2012 + Giveaway!

September 5, 2012

I did not have high hopes for this box to be honest. Previous Luxe Boxes have been either a hit or miss, mainly miss. I wasn't blown away by this box, but it's hard to blow me away with these boxes any more!

Loose Button recently decided to cancel their monthly subscription service and start a quarterly one. The previous boxes went for $12/month and the new quarterly boxes are $26/month. When you do the math, it is cheaper but you receive less overall than you used to. Per month it used to be 4-5 deluxe samples and now it is 7-8 "trial size" samples per quarter. 
The packaging is phenomenal. I am completely impressed.
I was so thrilled to see the BB Cream...
... and than instant disappointment. The shade I was given is Medium - Dark. I am hardly even tan. 
"Get all the flawless coverage with none of the fuss"
I would have been so happy with this box if they gave me Light - Medium. On my beauty profile, I chose Light for my skin tone.
Giveaway Details:
Please only enter the giveaway if Medium - Dark will suit your skin tone.
1. Subscribe to my  YouTube channel
2. Comment on this video and tell me what kind of videos and blogs you would like?
- NO "Enter Me's"!
- You can enter as many times as you please
3. Everyone can enter! If you're under 18 years old make sure to have parent permission!
4. Open Internationally!
5. Comment on this blog post and tell me your YouTube user name
- Only one blog comment per person
- Contest ends September 13th 2012 at 12:00 am E.S.T.
- The winner will be chosen via random.org
Good Luck!
"Even out your skin tone, wipe out those dark spots, and reveal your flawless radiance. Each sample provided gives you one to two uses, giving you up to two weeks to try and see results."
These little packets are annoying to receive but at least we got many of them. I have never tried any Vichy products before but I look forward to seeing how these work out.
"A dual action primer that works 360 degrees around your eyes to help your concealer and eyeshadow stay all day."
I've been wanting to try this for ages! I am very happy to receive this, this size should last for a while.
Loose Button Exfoliating Pad
"Reveal the radiance of your skin by removing the outer layer of dead skin cells with this effective, yet gentle exfoliating pad"
To be honest, this really irritates me. The quality is not very good at all, there are strings becoming loose all over it.  It also does not state Loose Button any where on the pad. How am I supposed to know it's made by Loose Button? I feel if they are going to claim something is by a brand, the brand should be visible somewhere on the product. I'm sorry but it looks like it came from a pack bought at a dollar store.
This really irritates me.
"Step into the Fall season with China Glaze's newest 'On Safari' collection. Rock these colours on your nails to complete your fall look."
This will be my first China Glaze polish to own and try! I love the colour, it looks a bit more dark than the photo. I will do a NOTW post soon with this polish.
"Speed up your drying time in the morning by up to 50% while providing heat protection to your mane"
I recently ran out of heat protectant and this product intrigues me. The concept is cool and I've only heard great things about KMS. I cannot wait to try.
"Built on a platform of rich amber, this contrasting fragrance is subtly woven with a clean smell of barber's soap"
I chose to receive a men's cologne instead of a different product for this box. Some people received Lady million in their box, GRRR. 
Anyway, this smell doesn't have much to it. It doesn't smell very manly to be honest, it smells very soapy. I don't mind it, I wonder what Joe will think.
That is the box. If the BB Cream was a colour I could use I would be far more impressed with this box. They sent out an e-mail reminding me to customize my profile, I did but they didn't even follow it apparently. The exfoliating pad really ticks me off but I will get over it. The total cost of this box was over $26 but I was hoping for a bit more to be honest. There goes my greedy-ness.
I have unsubscribed for now. If I have some extra money in the future, I may resubscribe.
What do you think of this box? 
Good luck in the giveaway!
Carly Jean!


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