Mineral Fusion Review, Photos & Swatches: Eyes Edition!

April 25, 2013

Mineral Fusion is based in Denver, Colorado and offer a plethora of products. Offering everything from makeup to skincare to hair and body care, Mineral Fusion is a leading natural cosmetics brand. According to their website, everything is made in the USA and many of it is still handmade, impressive! I think the prices are definitely reasonable and there are many ways to get your hands on their products, I will list some down below!

I've heard great things about this brand and I'm all for natural beauty products! In this blog post I will go into the eye products received. The outside packaging on all the products is more or less the same. White, brown and blue. I don't mind it but I wish there was a bit more to design to differentiate the products when they are still in box form. Once out of the box, everything is brown and/or clear. It may sound boring but I actually don't mind that, not many brands use brown as their dominant colour. 
I really love how slim and sleek the packaging is on the eye shadows. Very thin and simple. I'm sure the pans are removable if you wish to depot them into palettes. 
I received (left to right) Stone and Prism - $14
"Matte dark taupe"
Quite true to the matte description, I could probably pull off this shade on my brows. The formula is soft and smooth with hardly any fall out. Not chalky at all! 
"A soft, matte cream"
I don't find this matte in the slightest, it has quite a bit of iridescence to it. 
Regardless, it is a perfect brow and inner corner highlight. Such a beautiful colour. Again, soft and smooth, not chalky at all!
Overall Thoughts - A+
I don't think there is anything wrong with these shadows, except for maybe the description. Prism is far more of a satin finish than anything. The lasting power is quite standard, I don't have particularly oily lids and without a primer I didn't find any wear or creasing until about 9 hours in. That is more than enough time for me! 
Shades Available - 6 (Buff, Prism, Raw, Flash, Rare, Stone)
Amount of Product - 0.06oz / 1.8g
Price - $14.99
Description - "A richly pigmented, crease-resistant shade that applies effortlessly to enhance eyes.Pomegranate, Sea Kelp, Green Tea and Vitamins C & E provide age-defying antioxidant protection, while Aloe Vera soothes and calms skin. Free of Gluten, Parabens, Artificial Colors, Fragrances and Talc. Never-tested on animals. Hypo-allergenic." - mineralfusion.com
"A sophisticated blend of shimmering gold, matte beige & rich chocolate"
They all applied smoothly with no fall out that I noticed. 
The gold is more on the copper, rose gold side in my opinion which I personally enjoy. A nicely pigmented shade with a smooth feel.
The matte beige is not impressive at all. It may be better with a primer as an all over lid wash but I didn't find it anything special. It isn't chalky, but it isn't pigmented.
The rich chocolate or espresso shade is nice. A pretty middle ground matte colour, slight satin finish to it. Not overly pigmented but can be layered for an intense effect. 
Overall Thoughts - B
2/3 are good but the matte beige shade ruined it a bit for me. If it was more pigmented, this mini palette would be great for everyone. The colours would work well together and the two pigmented ones make a great duo. 
Shades Available - 8 (Diversity, Espresso Gold, Fragile, Density, Stunning, symmetry, Imagine, Sultry)
Amount of Product - 0.10oz / 3g
Price - $24.99
Description - "A color coordinated trio of richly pigmented, crease-resistant shades that apply effortlessly, individually or together, to enhance eyes. Pomegranate, White Tea, Red Tea and Sea Kelp to soothe skin and defend against free radical damage. Free of Gluten, Parabens, Artificial Colors, Fragrances and Talc. Never-tested on animals. Hypo-allergenic." - mineralfusion.com
A great standard eyeliner to have in your collection. It has a nice copper cap which I forgot to photograph. 
The black shade in the range. A hard eyeliner pencil that is blendable and long lasting, it lasted on my water line all day.
It is not the blackest shade I've ever seen but it's pretty darn black if you ask me!
Overall Thoughts - A+
I don't see anything wrong with this. It lastest a long time on my eyes, I didn't notice any smudging at all. 
Shades Available - 5 (Touch, Coal, Rough, Volcanic, Azure)
Amount of Product - 0.04oz / 1.1g
Price - $14.99
Description - "Exceptionally rich, mineral color glides on smoothly to line, define and enhance eyes. Formulated with Chamomile, Meadowfoam and Vitamin E to soothe delicate skin around eyes. Free of Gluten, Parabens, Artificial Colors, Fragrances and Talc. Never-tested on animals. Hypo-allergenic." - mineralfusion.com
Lengthening Mascara in (left to right) Graphite and Rock
This mascara has a pretty standard spiral, synthetic bristle wand. The formula is slightly dry. I didn't notice any clumping or too much excess mascara on my lashes. It coated evenly with a really workable application.
I didn't notice any smudging or flaking, just natural looking lashes. 
Overall Thoughts - A+
I don't see anything wrong with these two. They are a standard mascara made from natural ingredients. I'm happy!
Shades Available - 2 (Graphite, Rock)
Amount of Product - 0.57 fl oz / 17mL
Price - $14.99
Description - "Minerals apply smoothly to darken and lengthen for beautifully defined lashes. Naturally nourishes and protects to promote maximum lash health and fullness. Gentle, non-irritating formula applies easily, without clumping, flaking or smudging. Free of Gluten, Parabens, Artificial Colors, Fragrances and Talc. Never-tested on animals. Hypo-allergenic." - mineralfusion.com
Eye looks created:
Prism all over the lide
Stone in the crease
Coal liner upper and lower waterline, smudged 1/4 of lower lashline, 1/2 lined upper lid. 
Rock mascara
Espresso Gold 
Gold shade all over lid
Chocolate shade on outer corner, smudged on lash line
Beige used to blend
Graphite mascara
Overall, I think everything is worth a try. I'm interested to see how the other trios are, do they all have that one non-pigmented shade? I sure hope not!
I can see myself using everything reviewed today over and over again, I'm happy to say that! I love the idea of using natural makeup and I hope to try more from this brand. A lip product review will be coming up next week, stay tuned!
You can purchase Mineral Fusion online at: mineralfusion.com, ebeauty.ca, iherb.com, drugstore.com, dermstore.com and more! It is also available at many Whole Foods, Wegman's and many other locations around Canada and the US! 
Have you tried Mineral Fusion? What are your thoughts on mineral and natural makeup, does it affect your purchase decision? 


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