Montagne Jeunesse Red Earth Clay Spa Fabric Mask - Review & Photos

July 22, 2013

Last week I dove into the Montagne Jeunesse masks I received from Farleyco Beauty and decided to try the Red Earth Clay Fabric Mask first. I've always liked the idea of "sheet masks" but this is a whole new level of mask! Each mask is drenched in the formula and is unlike any other mask I've tried. Slightly less messy than traditional (apply with fingers or brush) masks and just as easy to use. 

First pomegranate mask I've ever tried!
Each Clay Spa mask in the range uses Natural Bamboo Fabric. Each mask is also 99% Natural, Paraben-Free, Farmer Friendly, Complete Raw Material, BUAV/PETA and Vegetarian Society Approved, Dermatologically Tested and 95% of products are manufactured in the UK.   
It definitely doesn't look like the illustration on the front.
This particular masks has 3 main ingredients, Pomegrante, Cinnamon & Mediterranean Clay. Pomegranate  for it's healing and anti-oxident properties which protect the skin from free-radical damage. Cinnamon for it's natural anti-bacterial properties and it's delicious spicy aroma. And lastly Mediterranean Clay because it detoxes the skin and penetrates deep down into pores drawing out impurities and excess oils.
The mask is folded multiple times and completely soaked in the mask formula. 
Make-up free freshly cleansed face. I've had trouble with an abundance of small pimples all over my face. I'm 100% positive it's because of my diet. I haven't been eating the most healthy lately. 
So freaky looking! I have a pretty small face and head so the mask is a bit big for me.
Many areas are folded to fit and some aren't covered at all because the openings are too large. 
The direction say to leave it on for 10-15 minutes, peel off and massage into the skin. After that is done you rinse. I was surprised the mask stayed damp completely throughout the 15 mins I left it on. Usually they dry a bit but this did not at all. 
For the spots that became dry around the perimeter of the mask or where it was not covered, I touched the just removed mask a few times and picked up a bit of liquid. 
I massaged for about a minute and than rinsed in cool water.
And this is the end result, 2 minutes after! I feel my skin looks brighter. It felt clean and not dry or squeaky at all. 
The pomegranate in the formula is meant to encourage radiant skin and target dryness. My skin felt and looked great right after and the next day. 
I applied my night time moisturizer as I would after this and I didn't notice any negative effects. The next day my skin looked more or less the same as the photo above. I didn't get any new breakouts or any more small little pimples.
Overall Thoughts: A+
I have a pretty small head, and even though the mask was a bit big, I don't feel it is a major fault. I loved this mask and I cannot wait to try the others in the line.
Average Price: $2.49 
Where to Buy: All over the world! Most local drugstore and supermarkets carry them. (Walmart, Target, Boots, etc)
Product Description: "Prepare your skin for a truly incredible, fresh pulped and juiced, deep cleansing journey. We've infused Mediterranean Clay with suitably spicy Cinnamon and pulped Pomegrantes to protect. This juicy boost will captivate your skin and senses."
I would definitely buy this particular mask again and hopefully I can say the same for the other 2 I will have reviews for coming up!
Have you ever tried a sheet mask similar or anything from Montagne Jeunesse?
Care to share?
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