My Go-To Voluminous Hair - Loose Curls

October 9, 2012

I'm dying to get my hair cut and change up the colour but in the meantime, I have been wearing this hair style quite often. I have never been a fan of huge, 4 inches off your head, volume when it comes to my hair. I have always had a hard time getting more volume at my roots than my ends. My hair is very thick and it loves to look like a triangle if I don't take the time to do these steps. 

Blow-drying Steps Overview:
  • Spray and brush through Sebastianne Professionals Potion 9 Light Treatment Spray on damp hair
  • Spray and brush through Julep Top Coat for Hair as a heat protectant and shine spray
  • Brush all hair to one side and blow dry near the root
  • Continue in sections, Lifting and drying throughout, until the middle of your hair. 
  • Switch sides and continue in sections
  • Brush all hair to the back and blow dry back, and pushing forward to create a poof and blow dry that as well
  • Flip hair upside down and blow dry 
  • Brush hair all the way back again and brush through and dry the ends
It is kind of hard to explain but hopefully the video and the steps above are easy to understand!
I may make hairdressers cringe with my technique but really, I'm just doing what works best for my hair. I have also done this and straightened my hair after and that looked great as well! I have never been a fan of teasing my hair or adding loads of hair spray. My style and volume will last all day and night when I do this technique. 
I'd love to know any volume techniques you do. Is there anything else you'd like to know about my hair?
Carly Jean!


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