November Beauty Favourites!

December 3, 2012

As usual I usually save up my favourites so I can do a larger one every second month. I don't use a lot of products, nor try out very many so sometimes the favourites will be the same. I thought I would go more in depth with some of the products this month and give a mini review for each. I've included swatches for the few I haven't featured previously.

NYX Dark Shadows Crimison Amulet Palette
I've been using this palette basically everyday since I received it. There are some really great matte neutral colours and every shadow I have tried have been so pigmented! There are a few shades I have yet to dabble in but I've really loved experimenting. I will have a tutorial up very soon! 
I've really been loving the two top blushes and the highlighter. The highlighter has a lot of shimmer though, I wish it was a tad more natural looking. The HD eyeshadow base is very creamy, I personally like it but if someones lids crease very easily, this probably wouldn't be the best option. I've only slightly dabbled in the lip portion of this palette. I prefer lip products I can carry with me, and these you definitely can't. They are very creamy and leave a glossy type finish.
I have a swatch of the shadow here. I love the texture of this shadow and it goes on really nice. I've been smoking it out on the lash line quite often this month, it's a great matte gray, brown colour. 
I have a whole blog post on this mascara here. This is what the brush looks like, it has a little bobbley ball at the tip. I personally LOVE plastic mascara wands and this one does a fantastic job. I can imagine this would work for every type of lashes. My only down side to this product is how hard it is to get off. My eyes are sensitive sometimes and this stuff sticks like glue to your lashes, it's almost waterproof.
I recieved these two when ordering the products for the current giveaway I'm holding with Ashley, linked here. There was an bonus bag of samples and these are two I picked out from it. I believe the kit is still available, use the code ITKIT at checkout. It is the lasting impressions kit.
My next beauty video will be a foundation routine so I'm not going to go to in depth on a review for these. The Tarte powder is not flash-friendly, if you put too much on you will definitely see a white-cast from the camera flash. 
The primer is a great consistency and is water-based which is great since most foundations are water based as well. It keeps your face shine free for quite a long time! 
The NYX lipstick is super creamy and decently long lasting. This is a great colour for someone interested in going a bit deeper with their lips. I usually just dab it on because it can look a bit, dare I say, old lady-ish when it is full blown on my lips. 
The balm is great but doesn't last very long. It's more of a waxy texture so it doesn't moisturize as much as a typical balm would. I usually wear it over top of my Burt's Bee's lip balm. This would be great for anyone interested in rocking a red lip but not ready to go super bold yet. 
Sorry it's a tad blurry. 
Sally Hansen in Grey Area
These photos are quite true to colour. Excuse the messy bottles! 
Trina (left) tends to chip if you do not put a top coat because it is a suede finish. It looks great after about 2 coats and lasted on my nails for a while week when I used a base and top coat.
Donna (middle) is the epitome of me! This has been my favourite colour for years and I feel it was meant to be worn on my fingers, sounds crazy I know! It's a lovely creme polish which is opaque in 2 coats.
Grey Area (right) is just like all the other Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear polishes, excellent! For the price you really can't beat these polishes. Perfect consistency, long lasting, amazing colour selection and this polish is no exception. 
That is all for my beauty favourites this month. Feel free to check out my video below for my few other favourites this month. 
What have you been loving lately?


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