Revlon Photoready Kajal Double Liners - Review & Swatches

August 28, 2013
I recently received a press package from Revlon with some awesome goodies. The campaign was #DareToWearBlue and it included 2 Photoready Kajal Double Liners, an eyeshadow palette and a mascara. I will have reviews and a video for the rest of the items in the upcoming week. 

Let's get down to Double Liner business! 

From Left - Right: Blue Nile, Carbon Cleopatra 

The full name for these liners is Revlon PhotoReady Kajal Intense Eye Liner + Brightener... phew! I love the concept of these and I've used both multiple times since I have received them. The idea that one single pencil can do two jobs is always nice, one less liner in your makeup bag too! 

From Top - Bottom: Blue Nile, Carbon Cleopatra 
Both ends have a cap, that is quite secure if I may add, it's always a pain when the cap comes loose. The cap also indicates for you what colour is inside which makes storing much easier. 

From Top - Bottom: Carbon Cleopatra, Blue Nile
When I first got these pencils I thought the "Brightener" side was nearly identical, I was definitely wrong! 

From Left - Right: Carbon Cleopatra, Blue Nile (Brightener Side)
Carbon Cleopatra is light nude, a colour many people prefer in their bottom water line.
Blue Nile is a more white with pretty prominent blue undertones. 

From Left - Right: Carbon Cleopatra, Blue Nile 
Carbon Cleopatra is your standard blackest black.
Blue Nile is a great colbalt bordering navy blue.
Each tip is quite creamy and blendable but set somewhat quickly and stay for a pretty long time. The brighteners fade after about 4 hours on the waterline, but I didn't mind that too much. On the lid each colour lasts for around 8 hours.

From Left - Right: Carbon Cleopatra, Blue Nile 
Carbon Cleopatra swatches very black and very creamy. The tip of the brightener actually broke off while swatching, which is why it isn't a straight swatch. This would be my idea combination for everyday if I chose to wear eyeliner. 
Blue Nile is definitely more adventurous and definitely just as creamy. 
I didn't find that they transferred from the lash line to the lid or crease at all, which tends to happen on my eyes. 
I can really see these being a staple product for many people. The 2 in 1 idea really works for me considering how little I use of the eyeliners I own. 
Overall Thoughts: A for both
Because they are so creamy I feel they will break pretty often, both have had at least one tip broken off so far. That being said, I love everything else about these liners. 
Average Price: $9.95
Where to Buy: Anywhere where Revlon is sold. 
Product Description: "Intensify and Highlight for a Smoldering Look. Get multiple on-trend looks with one dual ended pencil. The dark end’s rich color gives you an intense, bold look. The light end brightens and opens up the eyes. Use both ends together for an on-trend, smoldering look. Available in 4 exotic colors with complementary highlighting shades." -

It also comes in two other shades, Emerald Empire and Purple Reign. I would love to try them both. 

What do you think of Kajal liners? Do you prefer double ended liners too?


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