Revlon Selects: Review, Photo & Swatches

January 11, 2013

A few months back Revlon Canada announced a program through their Facebook called Revlon Selects. This program gave the opportunity for 500 lucky Canadians to test out some of their products. From my understanding, all 500 participants received the same items. I have had this package since mid December but have failed to review it since! Better late than never, so here it is!

The package included 5 products, one lipstick, one eye shadow palette, two dual ended nail polishes and a nail file. 
From Top to Bottom, Left to Right (Numbered as above)
4- This is a lovely shimmery pink. I've been wearing it often all over the lid. 
3- As seen in the swatches below, this colour is more brown than silver. It is very shimmery and the sparkles get everywhere!
2- This is the only matte colour and I enjoyed this one the most. Works lovely in the crease and outer corner. Very pigmented and not at all chalky.
1- The "primer" is not much of a primer, more of a creamier powdered shadow. It is not a cream shadow by any means and to  be honest, it does not help the longevity of the makeup, on my lids at least.  
5- Almost a tacky consistency to this glitter shadow. Not quite cream though. Like number 3, the sparkles go everywhere. 
Left to Right: 4,3,2,5,1
The swatch itself was fresh, on the lips it does not stay as glossy. There appears to be little itty-bitty shimmers in there as well. It is definitely not a lipstick I could wear for a long period of time. No matter how much I exfoliate and moisturie my lips are so dry. This lipstick seriously clings onto those dry patches and wears off patchy. I did not find the staying power on my lips to be anything amazing. Perhaps  two hours if I didn't  eat or drink. I have to reapply if I do eat or drink. The swatch on my hand stayed more or less stained until the next day, after multiple hand washes. Too bad it's not good on the lips!
Revlon Nail File
I found the glittery side almost useless because it did not do much filing. That being said, it looks mighty cute coming out of your handbag. The  light purple side is very effective at filing and I use it almost daily. It's not too abrasive and it definitely gets the job done.
I have a colour very similar  in my collection already. It looks great on the nails is opaque in 2 coats.
This has a shiny brush, ideal for nail art. I have not tried this out on my nails but have on paper, the lines are decently thin. I am not the biggest fan of this colour, it is a bit too yellow for my skintone.
This can be opaque in 1 coat! I am very pleased with this polish, great consistency and so pigmented. 
If there were more glitters, I be a much larger fan. In order to get a decent amount of glitter on your nails it took a lot of coats. The formula was too thick and gloppy for my liking.
Vincent Van Gold - Pinky, Middle, Thumb
Orbit - Ring & Index
Vincent Van Gold - Pink, Middle, Thumb
Orbit - Ring & Index
The staying power was quite good. The nails with the Orbit Moon Candy were too easy to peel off because of the amount of coats. Without any chipping, it stayed on for about 4 days. 
Overall Thoughts:
Overall, I thought this was quite good. I would have preferred less fall out, because at some points it was absolutely everywhere! I would have also like to have seem the "primer" (1) in a more cream formula. I will continue to use this because I did enjoy it.
Very pigmented but not the lasting power I was hoping for. It wore off too patchy for my liking.
Even though I did not like the colour of the gold striper side, I really enjoyed this formulation and pigmentation. 
If the glitter side has more sparkle and was thinner it would definitely be an A+. The solid deep purple side is a great colour with amazing quality. 
I'm so thankful to be chosen as a Revlon Select and I hope they bring out that program again! Were you selected? Have you tried these products, let me know what you think!
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