Rimmel Clean Finish Foundation: Review & Swatches

August 14, 2012

I have a lot of trouble finding a foundation that works for my skin. My skin can be very dry in some spots but horribly oily in others. This is the first Rimmel London foundation I have ever tried and I am quite pleased.

Let's take a look.
This foundation comes in a nice thick glass bottle with a handy feature.
There is nothing worse than having to pound on your hand to get foundation out of glass bottles. This foundation can be quite thick so without the spatula it would be very hard to get any product out. The spatula grabs just the right amount of foundation. I am just so pleased with the concept of the spatula and I hope more foundation companies follow suit with this concept! 
Performance & Swatches:
I have very large pores to begin with so I was very intrigued by the "100% poreless" claim.
This is what my skin generally looks like after cleansing. I have a few breakouts but mostly just pigmentation and large pore issues.
This is right after it is applied with my Eco Tools Bronzer brush with no primer or powder. I am using colour 130 True Ivory.
When first trying this foundation I was quite weary about how shiny my face looked. Not dewy, just shiny. After about a minute or two of soaking in the shine goes away. 
The colouring difference is due to a flash change, sorry! I almost feel that my pores are more visible after it soaks in, which is a bummer.
     The finish becomes pretty matte and lasts a decent amount of time. I would say about 5 hours without a powder or primer and upwards of 8 with a powder and primer. With oily skin like mine, that is incredible! Unless it is a very hot day, I only have to powder or blot one time during the day.  Rimmel's website states it is a "mattifying" foundation and I agree. I am very weary of the dewy look on my skin and I don't have to worry when wearing this foundation.
     Vitamin E & A are also in this foundation and I feel it would be great for all skin types. I don't notice any flaking on my dry patches, or oddly separating on my oily spots. I would say it is a medium to full coverage foundation. This foundation is definitely build-able as well. It is very blendable and leaves enough drying time to really work it into your skin. 
     The colour selection is not very good. I find the colours to be either very pink, very yellow or  a bit gray. 120 Ivory is too pink for me and 130 True Ivory is a tad gray but is workable. This foundation does not cater to dark or very light skin tones. I fear this colour will be too dark for the winter months for me. 
     As for the 100% poreless claim, without a primer and powder the most you will get is about 80-90% depending on your pore size. I do find it covers more than other foundations I've tried, but definitely not 100%.
Overall, I enjoy  this foundation and I would recommend it!
Price: $8 CAD - I purchased mine for $4 on sale at Walmart
Size: 30ml
Availability: Well.ca and other store's that sell Rimmel 
Product Description: "MATTIFYING LIQUID FOUNDATION . 100% PORELESS. Rimmel introduces Clean Finish 100% Poreless Foundation, our first oil-controlling foundation that leaves skin 100% poreless, for a smooth, clean finish. Formula enriched with natural shine-controlling minerals for all day oil control that won’t clog pores." - rimmellondon.com
Overall Rating: 8/10 - Not a great colour selection and not quite 100% poreless.
Have you tried Rimmel Clean Finish? What other foundations should I try?
Care to share?
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