Stila In the Moment Palette - Part 2

November 12, 2012

Now, I can't technically call this a face of the day because I only did one eye. For some silly reason, I decided to leave this paper palette thingy in my makeup bag. This resulted in a mess of shadow and very little of some colours. So here's a deep purple smokey eye! 

If you haven't seen my first look using the Stila In the Moment Palette, you can check it out here. I will show you the look and than the palette with the shadow placements!
Looking at this photo, I am realizing how large my brow bone area is. I always find I have to blend shadows quite high up to ensure it's visable with my eyes open.
This is one of the darkest looks I've ever really done for my blog! Purple really brings out the green in my eyes, I love it!
I used the top row for this look.
Instinct: Inner Corner & Brow Bone
Impulse: Blending Shade , Inner Crease & Inner 1/4 Lower Lash Line
Glance: All Over Lid & 3/4 Lash Line
Improvise: Outer Third & Crease
Catalyst: Liner & 1/2 Lower Lash Line
I enjoyed experimenting with this palette. This look is definitely out of the "norm" for me but I really like the way it turned out. 
As for my thoughts on the palette, I really wish there were some matte shades. I didn't notice a lot of fall out at all, which was great. I found the deeper shades a bit hard to blend and I am not sure why. I didn't have any primer on my lids at all. They are all incredibly pigmented as well, which is great.
If there was one thing I would change about this palette over all, it would be to change some shades to matte. Impulse, Catalyst & Desire would be my choices.
It was nice experimenting and trying out some Stila but I do not think I would dish out the $50 to purchase this palette.
Do you have any of the new Stila palettes? When would you rock this purple smokey eye, if ever?
Carly Jean!
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Carly looking at camera.
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