Styli-Style Lip Paint Liquid Lipstick: Review & Swatches!

June 17, 2013

I recently received quite a few items from FarleyCo Beauty and some of my favourites I've tried thus far are the Stýli-Style Lip Paints! This was my first time trying anything from the brand, I plan on exploring more of the Stýli-Style line in the future. 

From Left to Right: Pink-a-boo, Bare-ly There, Cosmopolitan, Country Girl
The packaging for the Lip Paint's is very compact and very light. I really like the packaging, it's simple and to the point. The fact that you can see the colour inside from every angle but the lid is great. The completely flat edges all around really make storing these in your collection easy. 
From Left to Right: Pink-a-boo, Bare-ly There, Cosmopolitan, Country Girl
From Left to Right: Pink-a-boo, Bare-ly There, Cosmopolitan, Country Girl
From Left to Right: Pink-a-boo, Bare-ly There, Cosmopolitan, Country Girl
The formula for Pink-a-boo and Bare-ly There are creamy and opaque. Where Cosmopolitan and Country Girl almost have a slightly sheer jelly consistency. 
Bare-ly There is by far the most pigmented, that is only one swipe of the brush. 
When I first opened each tube I was confused by the brush. It literally felt like a little plastic stick at the end. It was very tapered and very hard, I was quite confused. Once I started swatching on my arm and lips I noticed what I though was plastic slowly broke into a brush. It still has the tapered dense tip but it is indeed a brush applicator. 
A very vibrant hot pink.  It applies slightly pastel considering the consistency but I wouldn't consider it a pastel shade. Layered over a light or medium pink lipstick or pencil, the colour would be even more incredible!
It definitely settles into the fine lines at first. I suggest smacking your lips together a few times and working it in. I found this colour wore off the quickest at about the 2 hour mark.  
Bare-ly There
A great slightly mauve dark nude. Very opaque in one coat. Worn lightly it would be a great "my lips but better" shade for many people. Lasting power is better than Pink-a-boo and has a bit of a stain to it. About 4 hours of wear in total. 
First glance in the tube it looks like a vibrant red. On the lips it has quite a bit of pink to it. The jelly texture of this lip paint makes it a bit more sheer and quite wearable. I found it leaves a bit of a stain after it wears off around the 3 hours mark. It settles into the creases a little while time goes on but not an obscene amount. 
Country Girl
My favourite out of them all. Looks quite orange in the tube and swatched but once on a lips it becomes a beautiful coral shade. This two settles into the creases a little while time goes on. About a 3 hours lasting  time again but without the stain Cosmopolitan leaves. Also a jelly wearable texture.
All of these have a very sticky feeling to them, that doesn't really go away. They also stay glossy for quite a while. They feel very comfortable on the lips but definitely transfer so be careful! I didn't notice any bleeding and drying at all either. If you aren't prone to smacking your lips or constantly moving your lips together often, these would probably last even longer on you. I can't seem to leave my lips alone when I have product like this on.
The smell is quite nice but I have no idea how to explain it! Slightly floral with some fruit maybe? It's not an offensive smell at all and is hardly noticable in my opinion. There is no taste to them that I can detect and I am happy about that! 
Overall Thoughts: B for all
I recommend giving them a try, they may work better for you than me! The sticky-ness and sinking into fine lines is a factor I'm not too keen on. I will continue using them though. 
Average Price: $5.99 CDN
Shade Range: 6 Shades (Pink-a-boo, Cosmopolitan, Country Girl, Bare-ly There, Tres Chic, City Slicker)
Amount of Product: 0.14 fl oz / 4 mL
Where to Buy:, select drug and grocery stores
Product Description: "Matte lipsticks not your thing?  Pump up your look with Styli-Style's secret weapon.  Our new liquid lipstick will provide luminous shine with the same great color payoff that will last you all night." - farleyco
Have you tried anything from Stýli-Style?
Stay tuned for a review on the Styli-Style Glide-On Blush Stick!
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