Top Box: October 2012!

October 13, 2012

Yay! My first Top Box has arrived. I am almost scared to unsubscribe to this box considering I was on the wait list since January! I'm not sure if there is still a waitlist, but if not, scoop one up for $10 a month if you are interested!

Overall, I'm happy with the box, I did not really know what to expect. It had 4 products, all seemed to be high end as well, which is nice! I am excited to figure out a way to reuse these interesting containers!
I was super excited to see an Aveda product!
Here are the goodies. All pretty good sizes, only one packet but it's technically a full size. 
We also got a coupon for a free hair treatment at Aveda, with purchase of a cut or shampoo.
These two products are supposed to help with those who suffer from hair loss. My hair falls out all the time but it is very thick! I tried both of these out and I enjoy the smell. I find they really smell like the Caudalie Carbernet body scrub I received months ago in my Glymm box. I found the shampoo too thin for my liking and ended up using the whole sample. The conditioner was okay, I did not notice any difference.
I gave this product to my mom and she really enjoyed it. It is an exfoliator with little tiny granules like sand. I will update if my mother says anything positive or negative!
I am excited to try this out! It is apparently hydrating and detoxifying, just what I need!
I was very excited to see this! I can't wait to try these out and take some FOTD shots! We rarely receive  eyeshadows in these boxes and I don't mind this 1 or 2 use concept.
Anyway! That was my first Topbox, and I'm happy! All these products will definitely go to use and I feel it was worth the $10 I spent. 
If you are interested in signing up for Topbox through my refferal code, feel free to contact me and I will gladly do so! (I will only get a free box if 4 of you join through my e-mail)
Did you get a Topbox? If so, what did you get?


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