Topbox - Privé: January 2013!

January 19, 2013

Topbox has come up with a new concept for the 2013 boxes and this months was the first. Regular Topboxes feature multiple brands with 4 samples. Privé boxes will feature only one brand, in this month case it was Clinique. I am not sure why but I've never been a fan of Clinique so I wasn't too happy to hear this was the brand chosen for this box. Everything in this box was a great size which was nice but nothing was full size. 

When I received the package the top closure was missing so the tissue paper was exposed but thankfully nothing inside was missing.
This was the smallest sample, but the most expensive. I am assuming it is quite a sought after product because it was even mentioned on the tube itself (photographed above). I may not use non-natural skin care but I am interested in trying this out. I have pigmentation issues from uv damage and I am hoping this will help with that!
I personally won't be using this, but I'm sure someone in my family will enjoy it. 
You can never have too much eye-makeup remover. I'm looking forward to trying this out after I finish off my Marcelle Remover I got from the Glossybox Event.
I am not very impressed with the pigmentation of these. They are incredibly sheer. You can hardly even see the lighter shade in the swatch above. This is a bit smaller than full size but it has a good amount of product in it. 
Overall, this box would be great for those interested in skincare and brands like Clinique. Personally, this box wasn't my cup of tea. I would have prefered a different brand or a regular box instead. 
Did you receive this box? What did you think of it?
Carly Jean!


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