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July 30, 2012

I got a call yesterday from my aunt asking if I wanted to go to a fashion show that my cousin coordinated. Of course I said yes! Than I was told I had 2 hours to get ready. Seems like a lot right? Wrong! My hair was a mess, I hadn't done laundry and my nails weren't painted. Oh the troubles of being a girl! I didn't end up getting my nails painted but oh well!  I scoured through my closet and I must of tried 10 different outfits on. I have never been to a fashion show before so I really had no idea how to dress. 

Here is what I came up with!
I left my hair naturally curly and I photographed my makeup also. Would you all like a FOTD as well?
Jacket - Found it thrifting for $7!
Top - It is actually a dress from Forever21
Pants - White Skinnies from Gap
Sandals - Knockoff Bridget Shoemint  Sandals from Beyond the Rack
Purse - Avorio Italian Leather from Winners
Necklace - eBay (House of Harlow knockoff)
Ring - Forever21
Now the actual event was good but the person in charge did not choose a very good venue. The venue chosen was Tattoo Rock Parlor on Queen Street in Toronto. If anyone reading is from Toronto and has been to TRP, you're probably thinking, how the heck? It was not a typical fashion show, the models were competing for different prizes. The main prize was a all inclusive trip to New York for a professional photo shoot. The models basically circled the venue, up and down a few stairs, posing in certain spots and ending up on stage facing the judges. By the end of the fashion show it turned back into the bar/club and got quite full. 
My cousin is in college for Fashion Design & Management and was interning at a shop that was a part of the fashion show. She was mostly responsible for the models, judges and making sure VIP were seated properly. 
I did not take a ton of photos because it was quite hard to get a good shot from where I was. My dinky camera isn't the best for dark settings either.  But here are a few of some outfits I liked!
There were 3 designers and 3 judges. I do not have a lot of information about this competition but I will try and find some info online for anyone interested!
Have you ever been to a fashion show?
Care to share?
Carly looking at camera.
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