Wantable: Jewellery Box May 2013!

May 29, 2013

The official launch of Wantable in Canada has begun. May was the first month in which Canadians could purchase the monthly subscription of a Beauty or Jewellery box. A few months back Wantable opened up a sign up page for a couple hundred Canadians to join and get their first box free of charge. The cost of the box as a subscription is $36 and individually $40. I was charged $56 due to shipping and taxes and was reimbursed $36. Though this box was not technically free, it was cheaper than the full subscription itself. I can not see myself subscribing again right away but I will keep the option open for sure. 

Like the previous month, I chose the Jewellery box again. I destroyed the packaging and wasn't able to take a nice photo but I show the un-boxing in the video shown below. 
The packaging of the items was a bit better this month but I still wish they were packaged a bit more individually. Perhaps it's own little baggy or it's own bubble wrap. 
I was irresponsible and threw out the paper so I don't have much information on the items! May’s box was curated by Chicago’s Style expert, Suzanne Kopulos. That being said, I again do not know the brand of these jewellery items. 
I cannot remember the name or price of these earrings, sorry!
They are wuite light which is nice for earrings. They don't feel incredibly expensive but I love the idea of them. The gold rectangle coiling and the gunmetal beading is really nice. I definitely can't rock these with my hair up, they don't suit my face for that hair style. They look quite nice and subtle with it down though. I'm happy with them!
Drew Earrings - $22 
I LOVE these. I can see myself wearing these a ton. Very light but feel pretty well made. The little flower detail in the middle is so cute. 
Kimberly Ring - $24
I put my ring size as 6 and it fits my index and middle finger perfectly! I really like this ring. It needs a little cleaning but it is definitely something I will wear often.
Gloria Bracelet - $28
This item was not included on my list, a necklace was. I searched online to find the name of this item.
This is my least favourite item out of the box. I can't see myself wearing this at all. The super shimmery silver discs totally throw it off for me. This is probably many other people style but not mine at all. 
I contacted Wantable to let them know of the small mistake in product mix-up and they will be sending me the item I should have received. Yippee! I will update the post when I receive that.
I received two replacement items in the mail about a week after I received the original box. Wantable was very nice and apologetic about the mix up. It wasn't a big deal to me but I wanted to let them know incase it affected another user as well.
Are you subscribed to Wantable? Would you subscribe to a Jewellery box?


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