A Very Merry Christmas 2012!

December 27, 2012

Oh, it really feels like forever since I've sat and blogged! December has definitely been a busy and stressful month for me. I thought today I would share a little sneak peak of my house around Christmas.

This Christmas we had about 20 or so people over. I have quite a large family. On my dad's side I have a total of 10 cousins and many have children (included). On my mom's side I have a total of  11 cousins! That equals a lot of presents! Anyway, I didn't get a photo of our feast but here are a few snippets!
Shouldn't have taken it with flash, you would have seen how much my Dad went to town with the tinsel! The flash gave it a cool effect though. Lot's of goodies under the tree!
See how I reused a Topbox?
Could these be any more freaky?! They dance too!
Oh and you can't forget about Baldie! He's got a list and everything. He dances as well. He's more funny than freaky though!
Remember in this vlog I mentioned the Jube Jubes for the Gingerbread house... well I ate them all. Whoops. My parents almost died from laughing when creating this. As you can tell, it didn't stay together. There was a casualty from the M&M tornado! Poor gingy!
An A for effort though Mom & Dad! ;)
Mmm mm mm mm m! This is a family tradition that has been in my dad's family for generations. In our family we have it before dinner, not very traditional to most, but a must for us.
This year my mom, my dad and myself slaved over a cutting board and cut everything by hand. The only thing that was canned were the peaches and some pears. Usually candied cherries are used but we decided to go all out and use real ones. It was a bit more work but definitely worth it. It stained many fruit pieces red and purple but the flavours there so that's all that matters!
and here's me before everyone arrived. I will have a tutorial using this lip combo coming soon! 
I hope all of you that celebrate Christmas had a lovely one! I hope Santa treated you all great :)
And for those of you reading that do not celebrate Christmas, I hope you all have a happy holiday from my family to yours!
What's Christmas at your house like?
Carly Jean!
Care to share?
Carly looking at camera.
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