My 21st Birthday!

September 21, 2012

On Wednesday September 19th, I turned the ripe old age of 21. I am usually an obsessive planner and plan things about 1-6 months in advance. For the first time in years I didn't have any idea about what I wanted to do for my birthday. I gave Joe the responsibility to plan out a whole day on Wednesday. I must say, I am impressed. I usually take over and plan everything so Joe rarely gets to make plans for us. I think he did great and I had an amazing time! In August, Joe purchased my gift which was a Canon camera so I could vlog in Blue Mountain and have a better camera to film on. So that was my main gift, and I couldn't be happier! 

My birthday plans started off the night before (or early morning) around 1am when Joe was driving me home. He took me to Shoppers and let me pick out a few things that I've wanted or needed. Since I'm on my beauty strike I haven't bought anything and I was in desperate need of foundation! I picked up the Rimmel Clean Finish Matte (which I had never tried before, post coming soon) in 120 True Ivory. Other than that I didn't really need nor want anything (amazing eh?) but he said I can get something else. I went over to the nail polish section and picked out a Sally Hansen colour I've been eyeing for ages, Pacific Blue. There will be a NOTW post up tomorrow. I've been obsessing over this colour since he bought it for me! After that we headed to my house and I slept the night away in anticipation for the next afternoon! 
He picked me up around 1 and we headed over to Sherway Gardens mall and walked around. He bought me a Frozen Hot Chocolate from Second Cup *drool* and we went into a few stores. I was going to pick up my birthday gift from Sephora but I always feel weird just asking for it without purchasing something. 
Next stop, the lake! After Sherway we drove down to the lake by Park Lawn and went for a nice walk. 
I took some photos and some outfit photos which will be up next Tuesday! I love being down there, there are so many condos and I can just imagine how incredible their views are! 
It always blows my mind seeing how close the city looks from my eyes but the camera makes it look tiney tiny. 
We walked for about 40 mins and than I started getting blisters (that's what I get for not wearing socks!) . I tend to be a baby and complainer when I'm in pain so we shuffled back to the car and drove over to Joe's house.
At Joe's we just relaxed, cuddled and I took a nap (I didn't sleep very well the night before). The whole time he would not tell me what restaurant we were going to but I had a few in mind. I had a feeling it would be Pickle Barrel and I was right!  We went to the Pickle Barrel in Sherway Gardens and ofcourse I had to get a Bellini! 
This bad boy is loaded with sugar but so worth the mango-ey goodness!
They have quite a few options to choose from so I decided to try Mango this time around. They were also on special so I decided to up my 1.5oz drink to a 3oz. Hey I'm 21 now, I was legal 2 years ago! Plus I rarely ever drink and Bellini's are definitely the best alcoholic drink I've ever had. I'm sure they would give you a mighty hangover if you drank more than one though. Too much sugar!
Now, I probably got the most non-original thing on the menu because I'm almost always in the mood for it. If you know me in real life, you would know this is my go-to order no matter the restaurant. 
Yup, Chicken Fingers!
These are delicious and Pickel Barrel makes them the best in my opinion! They have many delicious things on the menu, including all day breakfast but I just had a craving for some chicken fingers, I gotta have 'em!
Joe got a yummy burger!
The Canadian Chedder Cheese Burger with a Garden Salad on the side!
He seemed to enjoy it! There was no way we could conquer dessert after these meals though so we opted for a Tim Hortons donut after a few hours past and our stomachs settled. We went for a mini drive into downtown Mississauga and surrounding area than headed back to his place. We relaxed, watched some YouTube videos and chit-chatted. Around 1:30am we headed to my house and he dropped me off. Turns out my birthday continues a whole other day, woohoo!
I woke up a tad late, cleaned my room and helped my parents prepare for some delicious pork tenderloin! Joe came over as well as my aunt for this lovely dinner and after that Joe and I headed to Ikea. I was on a mission to find a laundry hamper. We had an hour to look, and got distracted by looking at every little room. I didn't end up seeing any, maybe I wasn't looking hard enough. So we went to Walmart instead and I found a basic one. After that we went on a nice long drive around Mississauga, Oakville, Milton, Burlington, all the way back to Toronto, into Downtown, back into Etobicoke and than he brought me home! 
We love our drives and I think Joe nailed my birthday plans! We did everything I would have loved to do and he made it special, aw cheesy moments! 
Are you like me and plan everything way in advance and like to control it all? It was probably the first time in 4 years that Joe had full control over planning everything and it was great!
Carly Jean! 
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Carly looking at camera.
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