My Emerald Life

May 19, 2016

My obsession with Emerald green has gotten a bit out of hand. So out of hand that when I see people post things that are *soo not* Emerald it actually makes me upset. Apple or Kelly green is not Emerald, and neither is Teal!

There are only a few variations I find endearing. I sound insane right?

Whether it's incorperating Emerald into fashion, weddings, home decor or jewelry, my love never falters. There is something so classic and elegant about the colour. It feels powerful and weathly but in a charming kind of way. Does that even make sense? Probably not, that's just my obsession talking.

Emerald Green Wedding Decor Grey Likes WeddingsPhoto Courtesy of Grey Likes Weddings

If you follow me on Pinterest (which you should), you would see that probably 30% of my pins have some form of Emerald in them. I'm not just dreaming about having an Emerald life, I plan on having one!

I want an Emerald wedding.
I want an Emerald living room.
I want Emerald clothing.
I want Emerald jewelry.
I want it all.

Emerald Jewelery Stackable Rings Jennie Kwon DesignsPhoto Courtesy of Jennie Kwon Designs

I don't think I've ever felt this passionate about a colour before. I'm crazy aren't I?

Oh well! Is there anyone out there that loves the colour Emerald as much as I do?

What colour makes you crazy?

Care to share?
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