Weekend Getaway: Blue Mountain Resort - August 2012

August 29, 2012

If there is one place on this earth (that I have visited) where I wouldn't mind living and spending all my time, it would be Blue Mountain. It's become a bit of a tradition with Joe and I to venture to Blue Mountain every chance we get. We love the atmosphere and the accommodations.

Joe and I have gone about 4 times in the past 2 years. We have stayed in the village (Seasons & Weider Lodge) but our favourite place to stay is Historic Snowbridge. I love the feeling of having your own house, with your own appliances, furniture and awesome view. For couples that do not live together outside of their own dream world, Historic Snowbridge is a lovely place to be. That being said, staying in the village is also wonderful, and like your own little condo. Depending on the location of your mini apartment, it can get a tad noisy. The condo accommodations are situated right inside the village but with a spectacular view of the mountain. 
As for the sights and entertainment, I think Blue Mountain hosts the perfect mix. Not only is the village itself, aesthetically pleasing but the view of the mountain is phenomenal. I have only visited in Fall and Summer but would love to go in the winter when snowboarder's and skier's fill the resort. All year round, Blue Mountain is a very family friendly resort with lots of activities for all ages. At night the bars and clubs open with lots of young people just out to have fun. One time last year for Halloween we "bar hopped" and visited every bar within the village, and there isn't a negative thing to say about any of them! There is a place for everyone in the village, whether it be Starbucks, an array of restaurants, a candy shop, jewellery shop or a sports clothing store. It is not hard to find comfort while in Blue Mountain Resort.
Anyway, more about our trip! For the first time, I rode a gondola up the mountain. It was an amazing experience. The view up and down was just incredible. The view of the massive Georgian Bay, the village and the surrounding area was just great. Though it was hard to keep balance while in the gondola, I managed to get some footage on the way down. Usually Joe and I walk up and down the mountain for some exercise but we thought we'd try something different instead.  
We didn't spend as much time in the village and usual because the comfort of our "home" was perfect for this couples vacation. 
The first night I made Chicken Parmesan with Rebecca (who is in the vlog!) and it was incredible! I will be posting a health blog very soon with my own recipe. 
Other than that we just stayed in, had a few drinks and enjoyed our time. The second day we rode up the hill, travelled to the local WalMart (so touristy!) to pick up some things and than headed over to a local Kelsey's for dinner. That being said, their 3 cheese spinach dip was a must! 
After being back for a few hours, we got ready to hit the village! We got all dolled up put on our party dresses and headed to the bar. We did a bit of bar hopping again, though we were a bit too dressed up for the pubs but oh well! 
Just after midnight we headed back. It is about a 15 minute walk back but there are also Resort Shuttles that can take you from the village to your the different housing neighborhood's within Blue Mountain. We pretty much went to bed once we got back because we knew it would be a slightly early morning! After check out the next day we drove up the mountain to take some pictures and do a little walk around. We left soon after and headed back to Toronto. And that's about the whole trip!
It was amazing and I'm so glad we came up again. We plan to go again this winter for the men of the group can ski. Blue Mountain is one place I get very excited for as soon as I book the hotel!
If you live in the Toronto, GTA area, definitely make a trip just past Collingwood to Blue Mountain when you get a chance. It is a lovely resort that I'm sure everyone would enjoy!
Have you ever been to Blue Mountain or a place similar?
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