Well, Joe Let Me Cut His Hair...

October 12, 2012

... and I'm not super happy with the way it turned out. I only had a pair of shears and a comb! If I had a clipper I'm sure it would have turned out much better. Regardless, he loves it! It's been month's since Joe last got his hair cut and somehow I convinced him that I would do a great job. Not sure why he trusted me, I've only ever cut my own bangs and ends! Oh well, here  are the before and after photos I took. I was going to film but my camera battery was low... and it took an hour and a half!

I just realized, I am finally revealing Joe to my blogging world. Don't all fall off your seats at once ;) 
Introducing Joseph, he's been stuck with me for almost 4 years!
As you can see, it was long. What you don't see is the back, it was pretty much a mullet. He also had some sideburn action going on that he shaved off.
Joe's hair has a natural part and no matter how his hair is cut, it will always lean to the left. 
I must say, it was hard to see the layers in his hair while cutting. It's just shiny, jet black hair that was playing tricks on my eyes near the end.
I had a spray bottle and kept dousing his hair with water, it was much easier to control when wet.
In the photo below, Joe had just rinsed off all the hair that landed on his neck and wet his hair again. 
This is with no product and kind of just doing its own thing. I ran my fingers through a bit right before though.
I love the way he looks with short hair! We may be getting some clippers or sharper shears soon so I can fix some parts I'm not happy with.
Overall, I think I did pretty good! He has super thick, soft, shiny hair (lucky) that was pretty hard to work with. There are a few choppy bits here and there but he doesn't seem to mind. It was definitely hard to make everything even but I had a little technique going.
Anyway, let me know what you think! Did I butcher it? Do you like this style on Joe? Does he look like you thought he would?
I'd love to hear feedback and I'm sure Joe would as well!
Carly Jean!
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Carly looking at camera.
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