Wilberforce Cottage Trip 2013!

August 20, 2013

Two Mondays ago (wow time flies!) Joe, my friends Sara and Daniel and myself took a 3 hour drive to Wilberforce Ontario to stay at a lovely cottage we rented. We were expecting it to be nice but not nearly as nice as it actually was. Not only was the house beautiful, the whole property and area was as well. So serene and quiet, it was like paradise! 

It was such a relaxing trip, here are a few photos to show how beautiful it was!
Front of the house
Extra little cabin with 4 beds and a bathroom!
Back of the house 
The amazing kitchen!
Main living room
Other part of the house with 3 more bedrooms, a bathroom and sitting area.
The best staircase ever!
Mine & Joe's room for the week
First nights sunset
Middle of the lake on a canoe ride
On the Friday we went to Algonquin Park and did a few trails. It was beautiful! Stay tuned for that vlog :) Here are some photos from it. 
Ridge 2 on Centennial Ridges Trail 
Ridge 3
Later that day, some more friends joined! Here's us all at breakfast the next morning :)
These lovely people joined us on the weekend! 
Left to Right: Daniel, Sara, Russel, Joe, Me, Mark, Adele
Our final goodbye photo! 
It was definitely a trip to remember. I will have 3 vlogs up with lots of scenic and fun footage so be sure to check them out. I will post at the end of the blog!
If you've never been to a cottage, I definitely suggest it, such an awesome experience!
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
Care to share?
Carly looking at camera.
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